Mommyhood Tip- Counting Up to Thankgiving Chain

Thanksgiving Count Down Chain
Earlier in the week I posted some Thanksgiving countdown activities. We have started a counting up to Thanksgiving activity at our house instead.

 Each morning my husband and I come up with something we are thankful for. I add a link for something Daniel is thankful for too. So far we are thankful for each other, my husband’s job, the special messages I got for my birthday, friends, warm beds, that our smoke alarm has stopped beeping (The battery was low and it started beeping at 4 a.m. this morning), books, and cheese. The books, friends, and cheese links are JDaniel’s. I just picked some of his favorite things.

 JDaniel is really into it. After I wrote cheese down for him and no more beeping for me, he looked at my husband and said, “Dad.” (He knew it was Dad’s turn.) I love that we are doing this as a family. I think he does too.

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