Rewarding Recipe Blogs

I was given this wonderful award by From Misery to Happiness in 365 Days. What an honor! Please take a moment to check out her site.
The rules for this award are to state 10 things that make me happy. Right now I am so happy for all my family and the support we have been given during this difficult time. Rather than list 10 things I am just going to say thank you to the more than ten of you that are praying for us. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much.
I have to pass this award on to ten sites. Since I have a recipe theme this week, I have selected ten great recipe blogs.
Here they are:


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  1. says

    Mmmmm… I’m going to have to visit their websites! I love getting new recipes.

    Don’t know what’s going on with you/your family (just started reading your blog tonight) but know that you are in my thoughts. I hope all is much better.

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