Are Your Ready For Bed? Review and Giveaway

By the end of the day I am ready for JDaniel and me both to go to sleep. The mother bunny in the book Are You Ready for Bed by Janet Johnson is too. She has one small furry problem. It has to do with her youngest bunny. As she doses in her favorite chair, he hops over to tell her that he can’t sleep. I don’t know if it is that he can’t sleep or that he wants some one on one mom time. He is after all one of four little bunnies. Mother bunny opens her eyes and then snuggles him, bathes him, and gives him some milk. When she finally gets him settled in his bed and she gets into hers, she hears another bunny calling for some love. I am not sure when this mom gets to sleep.

This is wonderful book contains pictures by Gaby Hansen that perfectly fit Janet Johnson’s story. She shows how loving and upbeat this tired mom can be. I love that Mother bunny is so upbeat in this story. She doesn’t scold her little bunny for waking up. When asked which bunny is her favorite, she kindly says she loves all her little bunnies the same. When JDaniel woke up in the middle of the night calling for me, I did go check on him. He had a horrible smelling diaper which I changed. Then he was loving put back in bed and reminded that it was two more hours until morning. He would have loved a bath, milk, and a long snuggle. He would have loved to have me read him this book.

Would you love to win a copy to read to your little ones?

*Tell me a reason that your little ones say they are getting out of bed at night.(1 entry)

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That is 12 ways to win. The winner will be selected randomly using This giveaway will begin September 11th and end September 23th.

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  1. says

    My daughter loves to say that she has to go potty the minute we lay down to go to bed. So Ill take her, we will return and again she will say she has to go potty. She does this about four times. I have been tempted to just ignore her because I know that she is fibbing but I’m scared that the one time that I do that she will really have to go.

  2. says

    My oldest says he can’t fall asleep until he watches a show with me {he’s 7}, my middle child says he’s hungry when he just ate a huge dinner {he’s 6} and my youngest {2} has every excuse under the sun…..thirsty, needs more cuddles, more stories, etc. What a cute book though! racheleng82 AT hotmail DOT com

  3. says

    My daughter sleeps with me, so she is pretty happy and content at bedtime. BUT when I do decide to start her in her own bed, I know it will be hard on her. I am going to try my best to make it a smooth transition, and we always read a book or two before going to sleep, so we will continue that when she sleeps on her own.

    I am sure she will have a hard time sometimes when sleeping by herself. I remember when I was young, I would always try to spend every last second with my mom by prolonging bedtime and I would always ask for extra hugs and lots of drinks of water!

    I would Love to have this book for my daughter since we read before bed and I think this will help her unwind even more.

  4. says

    So far I’m lucky. Our toddler is still in her crib, and though she sometimes does call out for me at night, it’s almost always for a hug. She just says “hug”, and I hug her for a minute and then she goes back to sleep. Who could mind that?

  5. says

    I entered the Not Without Annette giveaway, as well, but just once as I really must get back to work. If I won that one I’d get our wee one the Cupcake Purse – Dark Pink with Chocolate Frosting!

  6. says

    My daughter always gets out of bed if we forget to send her to sleep with a sippy cup of water. She doesn’t drink it, but just likes to have it for when she wakes up.
    cbeargie at

  7. Anonymous says

    My girls are always getting out of bed – either they want a drink or the “wanted to tell me something” – they always forget what they wanted to tell me! :) Thanks! Paula

  8. says

    It seems in the past few months all my kids (3) have started sleeping worse. My 2 olders come in just to give/get hugs and my youngest needs someone in her room so she can fall asleep. We could use a new routine at this point!

  9. says

    My 2 sons just got 2 new kittens, so every night I hear them upstairs after I’ve tucked them in, running, so I head upstairs and they are “looking” for the kittens. I hear Mama, they are scared, we gotta find them. Well once we find them, it’s,”we gotta feed them”, then after that, they have to come down stairs to get them fresh water, this is every night, and every night I ask them to go do it!!!! LOL

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