Not Without Annette $15 GC Giveaway

Not Without Annette has the cutest things in her Etsy shop. I first fell in love with the crayon totes. She has one with a Curious George theme and you know he is very popular at my house. The more I explored the more things I found that I loved. Her cupcake purses are adorable. The scarves she carries are in the most amazing colors. Someone will have a hard time selecting what they will use the $15 Gift Credit she has offered for this giveaway.
If you select one of her crayon totes, you will have wonderful way to transport tools to entertain your child with while they wait for a doctor’s appointment, travel on a trip, or wait for meal at a restaurant. You just place crayons on the outside and place a coloring book or paper inside. You could also add colored pencils, stickers, or small toys to the tote and give your child a variety of things to do.

Would you like to win a Not Without Annette’s $15 Gift Credit?
Here’s how:
*Visit Not Without Annette and tell me what you would select. (1 entry)

For additional entries you can do any or all of the following:

*Heart her shop on Etsy. ( 2 entries)

* Tell me something you learn on her shop’s site. ( 1 entry)

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*Enter another giveaway I am hosting. ( 1 entry for each giveaway)

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This giveaway begins September 11th and ends September 27th.That is 11 ways to win. The winner will be selected randomly using


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness gracious!! Those are sooo cute! I’d have to flip a coin for what I’d pick- I love the blueberry shopping bag! But my word- I can just hear the squeals of my purse loving toddler if she saw the Turquoise with Vanilla Frosting Cupcake purse!!! SO I’d prolly have to go with that one!

    Fun giveaway entry! Thanks!

  2. says

    how cute is that little tote? I miss being a little girl and having all this cute stuff! One day my little girls will be old enough to enjoy ths stuff! Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

  3. says

    Wow, so many cute things! I love all the fabrics. I think I would choose the El Paso Knit Scarf. The colors are gorgeous! Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  4. says

    I Love the Mauve colored Knit Scarf! I would definitely get that if I won.

    I also really like the Tissue Cozies! Really cute idea, I have never seen that before, at least made with material instead of leather or plastic. I really like the cloth and I think those would be perfect to have on your child’s nightstand by their bed or something like that. Perfect for kids in my opinion or to keep in the car!

  5. says

    I learned that she was born on Valentines Day! LOL (HAHA) No, that’s not really my entry, but it’s cool. I was born in Feb. too!
    I learned that she offers FREE SHIPPING!! WHOOo! I think that is awesome considering how great her prices are! It’s even better if you win the gift certificate because you can actually use the entire $15 on stuff and not have to pay shipping! That is the best gift ever!

  6. says

    Our two year old loves purses. It’s funny to think she’s already accessorizing… and a little frightening. Anyway, I’d get her the Cupcake Purse – Dark Pink with Chocolate Frosting! Thanks.

  7. says

    Love the Butterflies Tween Tote! This is such a girlie design and definitely a hip choice for my tween. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  8. says

    I learned that she started sewing/crocheting/crafting when she was only 8 years old, what an awesome and creative talent! She also offers free shipping on every single item in her shop, such a generous gesture! This sweetie is definitely going places, congratulations!

  9. says

    humm so many things to pick. i would either get the mickey book bag for our weekley trips to the libary or the the orange cupcake with chocolate frosting.

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