Muffin Tin Monday- Two Spiders Have A Halloween Lunch

The two spiders muffin tin was a bit of an adventure this week.

The first challenge came in trying to create a sour cream spider web on the spider web nachos the way While He Was Napping did on hers. I couldn’t make a fine enough line. After three attempts I laid some whole wheat spaghetti on the nachos and prayed that people looking at it would think it was a web.

The second challenge as trying to make the muffins look like spiders. I thought using green peppers would look okay and be a healthy thing for JDaniel to eat. He loved the muffins along with the turkey and cheese inside. The olives disappeared quickly. The green pepper legs were handed to me with the suggestion that I might like to eat them. JDaniel thought the muffins looked like spiders. My husband wanted to know why JDaniel was eating cats. Aren’t cats a Halloween symbol? Is there a spider cat? Do they really look like cats?

The third and final challenge was trying to get JDaniel to try wearing the spider rings. He won’t wear bugs on his fingers he told me.

The carrots and apple weren’t a challenge. Thank goodness they went over with JDaniel. I was done with challenges for the day.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


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    When I looked at the muffins, the first thing I thought was Spider, definitely not Cat. I love this idea – it’s always inspiring to see what you’re doing for JDaniel’s lunches!

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    I could definitely tell that was a spider web! You did a great job on it. I love your writing style, you had me cracking up. For what it’s worth, I think your spider looks like a spider and is super cute!

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    I love it all! And it looks like a spider web! Just like a good mom – very dexterious when facing challenges! You have such an awesome mommy heart!

    I love that he won’t wear bug rings! Very smart boy!

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    I love your spiders! They are definately not cats. I love that JDaniel handed you the green peppers back. I tried to hide a tiny piece in my olive eyes, and the first thing Skylar asked was if she could take them off. Sigh.

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    LOL I definitely don’t see cats! Very cute tin though. Great job! Oh and my little guy won’t have anything to do with spider rings either. :)

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