Blissfully Domestic Helped My Community Shine

I was one of ten s in the Blissfully Domestic Windex Giveaway. The only thing you had to do to win was to share with them how you would use forty bottles of Windex to help your community shine.

I decided I would give ten bottles to the Simpsonville United Methodist Church Preschool. JDaniel will start the three year old program in the fall. As you know he is lively and slightly outspoken. (I am hoping they remember my donation when he arrives to brighten their days in August.) They were thrilled to receive the donation. There are many fingers that grace the areas of the school I was told. The Windex will be used often according to the school.

The second way I selected to brighten my community was to take thirty bottles to the Golden Strip Relief Center. A teaching fraternity I am a part of called Alpha Delta Kappa donates items to their food bank every month. They too were thrilled with the donation. The man that helped be bring in the boxes into the donation center commented that people always love to get cleaning products along with their food allotments. Cleaning products can’t be purchased with food stamps he told me. People need them and just can’t afford them.

I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity for JDaniel to learn about giving to others. My mom was always giving to others when I was growing up. I hope that showing JDaniel it is important to give now will encourage him to give to others when he grows up.

Many thanks to Blissfully Domestic for this wonderful opportunity!


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    Wow. What an awesome way to bless your community. We need more of you out there doing God’s work. That is a very creative way to donate 40 bottles of Windex. You rock!! And hike was fun, until we ran into the MUD, yuck.
    Have a great weekend,

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    How FUN! And how SMART to share with your son’s preschool. One vital lesson I learned with my kids through the years was get positively involved from the get go and STAY involved til they graduated. So many parents disappear once the kids are in junior and senior high – but it’s even more important then.

    And what a great lesson to share with that sweet son. Thanks so much for visiting SandwichINK and leaving a comment – you are entered in the Amazon Gift Card giveaway. Maybe you’ll have another prize soon :)

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    What a great idea, I love it! I know preschools can never have enough Windex! May I say you are just gorgeous! Thanks for visiting me during the #UBP11. Have a wonderful weekend!

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