Muffin Tin Monday- A Picnic with Friends

We met some friends at The Upstate Children’s Museum last Wednesday and I decided to pack JDaniel a muffin tin picnic meal.

He had apples, apple juice, potato salad with bacon and tomatoes, Arnold’s Mini Thin sandwiches, and a pickle. He was dying to dig in and eat it before left home, but I was able to convince him to wait.

We are loving the Arnold’s Mini Thins. JDaniel is always telling me that he is still hungry. Now he can have two sandwiches and that seems to fill him up.

I was planning on having our picnic in the bug sculpture garden at the front of the museum, but JDaniel’s friend Ryan was already starting his picnic lunch on the side of the building when we got there. He unwrapped the muffin in and starting eating. I tucked the toaster baking pan I carried it on into my purse and then I ate my lunch too.

JDaniel was so happy to have lunch. He really didn’t care where he ate it.

He was just happy to have it with a friend.

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    I haven’t seen the mini thins, but I love the regular ones. I use them for pizzas too! I love that you took a muffin tin for a picnic. I tend to do bento boxes.

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    Fun lunch! I love the picture of JDaniel and his buddy. My kids LOVE picnic lunches. We do them a ton in the summer. My daughter likes to say, “I”m still hungry.” right after a huge meal!. :)

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    My daughter loves pickles! That is so cute that he ate with a friend. I had one of Little Bug’s friends over before and made her a MT lunch too. It’s always more fun with a friend!

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