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Belle, Bean, and a Chicago Dog and Four Plus an Angel are hosting a wonder Summer Blog Social gathering. It is an opportunity for bloggers to share advice for others, ask for advice, and waxing philosophical. They have several subareas under each of their sugguested areas to write out.

Kelly’s Korner is also sharing bloggings tips with week. It will be great to read posts on both linkups.

Here is the prompt I chose: What 1 aspect of blogging and social media is your favorite?

My favorite thing after reading wonderful posts on my favorite bloggers sites is to read what their friends have to say.

What does that mean?

It means I love to read the comments that get and how people respond to their posts. Sometimes  I learn that I have skimmed a post to quickly or get to see someone else perspective based on their life  experiences.

It means reading the guest posts they share on their blogs. I have found other amazing bloggers through guest posts on my favorite blogs.

It means visiting the blogs they have on their blogrolls. I love getting to read my favorite bloggers favorite blogs. Again it has been one of the ways I have found new blogs to read. Some people list only blogs that are in their niche. Some list blogs that they love and that is why they are there. After visiting the blogs on my blogroll, I visit the blogrolls on some of theirs.

It means I follow their conversations on Twitter. I don’t try to easedrop, but I love reading what my favorite bloggers are saying to their friends and followers. I have learned a lot about social media by listening in on converstations between bloggers.

It means visiting the other writing projects my favorite bloggers contribute to. Most share their other writing spots on their blogs. It has helped me find societies and blogging groups as well as getting to read their work.


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    Great post, I agree, I love to read what other people have to say and I have found some great blogs by looking through my favorite bloggers’ blogrolls.So glad you linked up!

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    I also find that sometimes I may have read to quickly because of what someone else says in a comment. Or, it just gives me a totally different perspective on what I read and I love that too. Comments are one of the ways that I find new blogs. Whenever I read a comment I really like, I have to find out more about that person.

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    I’ve just recently started reading comments; its great to see other peoples perspective and great source for finding other blogs to read.

    I am visiting from Mom Loop #FF.

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    Oooh, I really like your angle and approach of listening and reading and clicking through links. Like you said, a lot can be learned that way. Great tip!

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    All of those things are important to me, too, with the exception of Twitter. I haven’t quite caught on to that yet, though I did join.


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    I like reading other people’s comments too. I think a lot of the time a great comment can really enhance or add to the story. And it’s just fun to see how differently people can perceive the same story.

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    I agree with all of these tips, but I never really paid much attention to the COMMENTS on the posts I read. I always kind of ignored them, but now I think I’m going to start checking them out. At least with some of them, to get started.

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    Yes, you’re absolutely right about learning social media by observing other bloggers! In fact, I will no longer consider myself a lurker or an eavesdropper on Twitter – instead, I’ll just consider myself and observer and a learner. That’s a much better perspective!

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    I have lost many hours blog hopping from some of my favorite blogger’s favorites and discovered some amazing writers! I currently don’t have a blogroll on my blog & this post has me wondering whether I need to add it back!

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    I love all of that too. Sometimes I spend a *little* too much time doing these things when I should be writing, but it’s all good because I feel like I’m always learning, you know!?

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    Finding great bloggers from other great bloggers is one of the best ways to find new people (that sounds a little confusing I think or maybe I’m just tired). Anyway, in the beginning I did a lot of blogroll researching to find blogs I wanted to read and I think it was a great way to find new ones. Also, reading comments is something I enjoy doing on blog posts that I really enjoyed.

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    I used to spend a lot of time hopping from blog to blog too, and sometimes I’d forget how I even got to one because the trail was so long. It’s a great way to find more friends, for sure. You’re right! I don’t use a blogroll anymore since I’m on wordpress. It was way easier to have one on Blogger, and I’m too lazy to do it manually on WordPress.

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    I know the name of your blog so well I must have been here before but I can’t remember – maybe just through twitter? It’s so pretty, especially the little poppies at the end of the posts (that’s the flower, right?)

    Hm. I’ll have to pay more attention to the comments. I never thought about that. I’m currently trying to be better about responding to the comments on my own blog and not repeat myself. :-)

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    I almost always read all the other comments from other blog readers. Like you said it’s interesting to read others’ perspectives. Also I tend to gravitate toward humor parenting blogs…and the comments on those types of posts can be hysterical!

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    I love reading the comments too. I’ve learned more about bloggers by seeing what people that know them better than I do have to say! It’s a great way to get to know them even better!

    Blogrolls and buttons are one of my little stalking secrets, lol! I want to know what circles my favorite bloggers travel in!

    Great job!

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    I’m with you – I love to read comments. I love to see who the people are that read that particular blog and what they’re saying. I love actually finding really funny stuff in there, too!

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    I am a comment reader also! And I have found so many wonderful blogs by clicking through other people’s blogrolls – I’m so glad to know that other people do that too :-)

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