Exploring Greenville- Stars Wars Event at the Roper Mountain Science Center

Last weekend we told JDaniel we need to go run so errands. He really wanted to stay home and play in the yard, but after convincing him that he would get to eat Chick Fil-A for lunch ,he got a little more excited about running errands.

The first stop lead us to a road JDaniel knows will take us to church. He pointed out that it wasn’t even Sunday yet. As we traveled a little ways down the road he noticed that we were turning left instead of right at the light.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Wait and see!” I told him.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the Roper Mountain Science Center, Jdaniel noticed other children walking from their cars. They had on Star Wars costumes. It was wonderful to watch the light bulb go off in his head.

“We are here to see Star Wars things!” he announced. He has been so into Star Wars since the cereal boxes displaying images of Star Wars characters arrived a few weeks ago for me to review for a giveaway.

There were so much to see and do.

We looked at all the displays.

The costumed Star Wars characters were admired from a far. Princess Leia was the only “nice” character that JDaniel recognized.

There was documentary on how the characters were developed and the robot costumes made. JDaniel loved this.

After looking at all the Star Wars exhibits, we headed to the animal exhibits in a different building. He loved getting to see and touch a variety of animals including a snake.

He has been asking to go back to the center. It really is a wonderful place to visit. One of the best things is that some of the Star Wars exhibits are permanent and we can visit them over and over again.


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    What a neat surprise for him! I love how he was finding clues all along the way. (He must have a great sense of direction for his age…)


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    This post just made me homesick. I lived in Greenville for five years before my company relocated me to France. I know that my son and husband would have loved this exhibit! It sounds like so much fun!

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