Muffin Tin Monday- Columbus Day Boats

JDaniel loves shrimp so, when I saw it on sale at one of our local grocery stores I grabbed a  bag. He loves cheese too. Seeing the cheese sails on the shrimp boats made him really happy. “I know not to eat the tails,” he informed me before happily digging in.

His tin also included Italian flag colored veggies (sweet potato fries, regular french fries, and scary looking green beans), three Italian cheese mac and cheese, and Italian Cheese Cheese-Its. Columbus was from Italy after all.

How are you celebrating Columbus Day?

This is linked to Muffin Tin Monday and What’s for Lunch Wednesday.


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    For some reason some blogger blogs won’t let me post comments and yours in one of them. I have no idea why it boots me off. Hopefully this will work – LOVE the sail/shrimp boats…Too cute!!

    Would you consider joining my new kids activity linky party at Adventures In Mommy Land?

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    What a clever, clever muffin theme! I had to come by and see what you did! It’s neat that eats such a variety of foods! You are soooo cool!

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    Wow! I love the boat idea! Such a coincidence because we are doing the letter B this week and the theme is Boats! 😀 I’ll deffinitely have to steal that for next weeks muffin tin! 😀

    I wanted to stop by and let you know that I’m running a Muffin Tin Challenge on my Facebook page!/pages/Emmas-Lunch/129254923796105. All you need to do is take a picture of your muffin tin and post it to the Emma’s Lunch page by Monday October 17th. You will automatically enter into a draw to win a lunch box for your child!

    I hope you’ll join in!

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