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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

    I have been dying to buy a pumpkin. Some of my neighbors have up their Halloween decorations already. Several have pumpkins. Reading the book The Pumpkin Man by Darleen Bailey Beard made me want one even more.

    Hattie the main character of the book wants a pumpkin to make a jack-o’-lantern after seeing one in a store window. In her small prairie town in the pioneer days they sell pumpkins to make money and pies. They don’t waste a pumpkin by making them a jack-o’-lantern.

    After seeing the one in town she asks her dad if she can have a pumpkin from their patch to carve. He responds by saying, “ The Pumpkin Man from Piney Creek is coming to buy every one.”

    Hattie tries to convince here parents to give her a pumpkin, but they remind her that all but three pie pumpkins have been promised for sale.

    The next day while getting the pumpkins ready for sale Hattie hides one. She hopes it won’t be missed, but after the Pumpkin Man inspects one of the pumpkins by cutting a triangle in it an inspecting its quality he declares that he will take all one hundred.

    Guess what? He counts them and finds one missing.

    With one missing Pa heads to the basement to retrieve one of Ma’s pie pumpkins.

    Hattie sees the fault in her choice and heads to the field to unhide the pumpkin. She doesn’t want Ma to lose a pumpkin she was going to use to make Thanksgiving pies.

    When Hattie asks The Pumpkin Man if it will become a jack-o’-lantern, he asks her if that is what she wanted to do with. Hattie tells him that was her plan and he lets her keep it. He tells her that he can’t sell a pumpkin that has been carved.

    Hatttie is thrilled beyond belief!

    This book was great for discussing choices and honesty with Jdaniel. He is not really into discussing morals of stories, but this one fit other things we have been talking about when it comes to choices.

    We so enjoyed the pictures in this wonderful tale. Laura Kelly’s water coloring painting bring a folksy charm to the book.

    It is just a wonderful book.

    What did we do?


    We headed to our local children to try making pumpkin and apple soup. JDaniel loves to helping with cooking and this sounded like fun.

    JDaniel loved getting to hold a dull knife. He never has used one at home before. He cut up some pumkin and then some sage.

    We watched as the cooking teacher pureed the roasted apples and pumpkins with chicken stock.

    Then he got to taste it and he really didn’t like it. I tasted it and I really didn’t like it. One of the other moms said it needed something. We thought it needed to not have sage in it. Maybe if something sweet were added

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    1. says

      Very cute book!

      You inspired me yesterday to get in the spirit to create a Halloween meal. I’m going to roll it into a Muffin Tin creation too – I’m super excited about it – I have everything ready to throw in the crockpot plus I picked up my accessories I’d need at the grocery store last night. I know you know what it’s like to be so excited over playing with food 😉

    2. says

      oh so sad that the recipe didn’t turn good. But its good experience of Jdaniel to cut with a not so sharp knife. My daughter convinces herself that she has to be ten yrs old to hold knife.

    3. says

      It’s a shame neither of you liked the soup. You’d think they would choose a recipe that would appeal to kids’ pallets. But at least he got to experience cutting with a knife!

    4. says

      I’ll bet it’ll be an experiment you both remember. It’s even more fun as kids get older. Our family has a family book club; we do crafts and activities to celebrate when we finish a book.

    5. says

      I love finding new books my children and I haven’t read together. I can’t wait to check this one out of the library. Glad to be back linking to your wonderful link party!

    6. says

      I enjoy hearing about new titles. I keep a seasonal basket out all of the time and just added three new books to our fall collection. We’re waiting on a less busy day to make some little All American Apple Pies to give to our Ukrainian friends.

    7. says

      What a fun idea for a blog, I had so much fun doing things like this when my children were younger. Now at age 14 & 12 they have no interest in crafting or activities.

    8. says

      you make me laugh!!!!
      thanks for this…
      “he got to taste it and he really didn’t like it. I tasted it and I really didn’t like it. One of the other moms said it needed something. We thought it needed to not have sage in it. “

    9. says

      Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday. I’ve been dying to get my halloween deco up too (actually, down from the attic, then UP). I like how you made the connection in the book to choices, rather than mistakes. I’ve had a wonderful soup made from butternut squash and apples – not pumpkin though. The squash soup had a cumin kick and heavy cream made it silky smooth. Yum!

    10. says

      How fun! I think it must have been cool for him, and for you, to watch him, making the “soup!” Definitely. Probably needed some pumpkin pie spice or something. btw … I just gave you +K in pumpkin because I was excited to see it as a choice in Klout!

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