Muffin Tin Monday- Advent 2011

 Advent just started yesterday and I thought JDaniel would start it out with an Advent tin. I made flat  presents out of an empty cereal box to cover in old wrapping paper.

I used a Christmas tree muffin tin I won from Two Bears Farm last year to house my advent meal. A mandarin orange Jesus lay down his sweet head in a cheese manger. A pear star shone in the darkness on high.  Cooked carrots nestled in a church cookie cutter. A brownie sun hung above muffin cups filled with cauliflower sheep and lamb chops bites.

Yes, some of this is a stretch, but JDaniel really enjoyed it and emptied the tin completely.

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    I love it!!!! Love your thoughts, that right there is going to take JDaniel far in life… creativity and imagination!
    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!

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    I think this is an idea I may have to borrow!;) Love the presents and the tree tin. Going to be on the lookout for some more fun shaped tins for my own guys.

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    I don’t think it was a stretch. I think it sounds perfect. I’ve decided to wait to do the holiday muffin tins as I feel I am going to run out of ideas. Have to look back and see what I did last year.

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    You think that’s a stretch? My daughter bought round pikelets as “reindeer footprints”! This is cute (although I did have to giggle at the thought of the little lamb chop bites running around in the pasture…) :)

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    Forgive me, but I’m a little confused. Does he open the “presents” one at a time? or is it just a cool way to serve it? Is he familiar with advent calendars?
    Anyway, I’ve never thought of serving toddlers in muffin tins…and I think it’s completely brilliant! They’re always sneaking off with the tins anyway to play with them.

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