Christmas Traditions Link Up

Welcome to the  Christmas Traditions Link Up!

We have a few traditions at our house we have done for several years. The shepherds move toward the creche a little each day, Jesus gets a birthday cake at Christmas dinner, and we make ornaments.

This year we started a few new ones.

Reusing Christmas Cards

We reused Christmas cards from the year before by making a banner and ornaments with them.

Giving Christmas to Others

All during the month JDaniel and I have been looking for ways to give Christmas to others. We have been sharing them in a weekly link up called Giving Others Christmas. We have given food, toys, Christmas boxes, and mittens.

Exploring Mangers

JDaniel and I walked through the the Journey Through the Manger display at his preschool’s church.

We also explored the Christmas display in Paris, Arkansas when we were there for Thanksgiving.

Making Candy Houses

JDaniel decorated RiceKrispies Treat Houses with my mom.

We decorated at Trader Joes’ Gingerbread house together.

 I look for to visiting your posts and taking in your Christmas crafts, recipes, traditions or memories.

There are  link ups below for your posts . Each family friendly or child related post linked up will need to have a Thanksgiving Traditions badge or a link at the bottom of it pointing back to the Thanksgiving Traditions  Link Up.  Please don’t link up more than two posts for each area. If you link up a post, please visit at least one other post.

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Other Traditions

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    I love the traditions of having the shepherds move toward the creche each day, having a birthday cake for Jesus, and making ornaments! Thanks so much for hosting the Christmas Traditions Link Up … I always enjoy your holiday link ups! :) Deb @

  2. says

    Love the idea of having Jesus a birthday cake!

    We bought a gingerbread house kit a couple of days ago. Dracen is itching to do it. This will be our third year doing that.

  3. says

    Great ideas! Thank you so much for the invite to come link up too! So sweet of you!!! I linked up 2 posts and am feeling technology challenged in adding your badge and putting the links in the right place =0 Sorry! Is there a code for the badge?

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    This was such a great idea!!
    I love that you have a birthday cake for Jesus and you incorporate all of the little things in for Christmas!

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    Oh, fun! I love the reusing cards idea. Will have to remember that this year. And I know a lot of people who have birthday cake for Jesus.

    My daughter made ornaments to give as gifts to friends, family members, teachers. But I did not blog about it, so I can’t link up. Will check out some of the others for sure!

    Stopping by from The Mom Pledge blog hop…

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