Acts of Kindness- Giving to the World Through Missions

Toddler Approved is hosting a wonderful project called the 100 Acts of Kindness Project. I love the idea of JDaniel and I doing things for others between Jan. 15th and Valentine’s Day.Each week she puts up a challenge for you to complete as some of your 100 Acts of Kindness.

This week’s challenge was to give to world. Our church is hosting its missions conference this week. How wonderful that it is being held during Toddler Approved’s give to the world challenge.

Giving a Buffet Item to an International Dinner

The missions conference started with an international dinner in the fellowship hall. The Sunday school class my husband and I belong to was to bring something from the Orient. I decided to make something quick and easy from the frozen food section at Aldi. Our dish is shrimp fried rice that was defrosted and heated up on our very own stove.

Once we got there JDaniel and I had fun checking out all the foods that people had brought to share and deciding what to put on our plates. My husband had volunteered to work the book table and so we saved him at place at the table  but, didn’t wait for him to come to dig into the treasures we had found.

I took this picture when we dropped off our food. The table couldn’t be seen after people added their food to the table and started to fill there plates.

Learning About Other Cultures and Crafting

JDaniel loved exploring the tables set up by the various missionaries.

The Sunday school director decided that it would be fun for the children to create cards and gift for the missionaries. I volunteered to be downstairs with JDaniel’s class during the opening session of the missions conference so, I got to help make fun things too.


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    I love missions conference… we had ours about a month ago and we skyped with our missionaries. It was awesome. What a great idea to learn about giving and helping people all over the world :)

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    This is great! I LOVE how you were willing to just heat up some frozen food and you didn’t get all stressed about it. :)

    We went to a missions conference last August, and it was SO inspiring!!

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