Children at Play- Teddy Needs More Turtle Skating Practice

Last week as I put away the red sled made of cardboard we played with during Read. Explore.Learn  JDaniel headed upstairs to grab Teddy and my husband’s turtle slippers (which now live in JDaniel’s room). He had a another idea of what to do with the bubble wrap ski slope on the living room floor.

The slope wasn’t a slop anymore I was informed. Jdaniel declared that it was now an area for Teddy to skate on. The turtle slippers were to be Teddy’s skates.

While Teddy seemed willing to try skating, his feet didn’t seem to agree. It was very hard to keep Teddy’s feet in the slippers. They just kept slipping out.

Teddy’s feet don’t have a large enough surface area to stay in the slippers. I tried to explain that to JDaniel but, the whole concept of surface area went right over his head.

I suggested that JDaniel hold Teddy’s feet in the slippers. The pressure from his arm muscles might keep Teddy’s feet in.

JDaniel was willing to try this in fact he pressed down on Teddy’s legs as hard as he could. The slippers did stay on but, now his feet won’t move do to the pressure.

It seemed Teddy would never be able to skate. There were just to many things for JDaniel to do to help him move and keep his slippers on.

Instead of getting frustrated, grabbing Teddy up and flinging slippers, JDaniel did a very wise thing. He decided it was time to get more helpful ideas from me.

We discussed all the variables involved in Teddy skating down the bubble wrap with slippers. It was a very lively discussion. The kind many of you have probably had with your children when everything seems to be going wrong and every idea that comes to mind is a possibility.

Ultimately JDaniel decided it was my job to make it happen and his job to cheer from the edge of the bubble wrap. I really tried to keep pressure on Teddy and move his feet while sliding my feet behind his. This approach really should have worked. It really should have.

For some unknown reason Teddy kept falling. He gallantly kept trying with me to make JDaniel vision come to be but, it just didn’t happen.

After several attempts it was decided that we should put the bubble wrap away and try to have Teddy skate another day.


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    This post reminded me of my children when they were young. Their ideas of putting things together some time had my brain running.

    I’m glad you’re nurturing his creativity and imagination!

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    what a wonderful mommy you are! You took a simple moment and turned it into a way to teach and play with your sweet little guy. You inspire me!!

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    How cute is that… Glad you two were able to sit and brainstorm. Teddy in the slippers reminded me of when Broxton put his John Cena figure in his sneakers! too funny :)

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    Even though it didn’t go as planned it still sounds like you had a great learning activity. Those turtle slippers would be great for acting out Yertle the Turtle by Dr.Seuss. Thanks for sharing.

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    First off, I love that your hubby has turtle slippers. How funny! Second, kids never play with their toys in quite the way you envisioned–it’s even better.

    Come visit us at Layers of Learning.

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    My father always said we played more with the boxes than what came in them. Children have such wonderful imaginations. I think this is really cool that you encourage your childs imagination.~Ames

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    Great attempts to making it work…and even greater than that, are the “try and try again”, positive attitudes :o) …and also despite the inability for Teddy to have skating success…there still is another day :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Happy to be visiting through Ms. Jenny’s Alphabe-thursday :o)

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    Love that boys imagination. He reminds me so much of my kids when they were small. They could play with nothing, or some small thing, for hours and hours!

    What wonderful creative gifts he has! And it is so neat to see you nurture them!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful little fella with us!


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