Nothing Could Be Finer Than An Afternoon in Carolina

Last weekend was a mixture of wonderful sunshine and a bit of cold rain. While we wish the cold rain had been snow, we loved the days of sunshine that allowed to be outside in light fleeces and long sleeved shirts.

My husband and I sat and watched JDaniel try to catch pretend butterflies as well as swing around just enjoying the feeling of the soft breeze though the net. There is something magical about watching your child spin in sunbeams.

It was grand to sit on a sun warmed driveway and watch your son find such joy. It is moments like this that make me reflect on how big he is getting and how he is aging right before your eyes. It is as if each spin moves he one step forward in time.

When the net is tucked away, it becomes time to aid JDaniel in the gathering of sticks for his beaver dam and find hiding places that will keep the big beaver (my husband) from depositing them in the woods. It had been awhile since we had gathered sticks. There were many to pick up from under the great beach trees and carry to safety. Gathering sticks is something so simple and yet fills him with such a sense of accomplishment and the bushes with stacks of twigs. Thankfully the big beaver returns them to woods often.

Following the branch collecting we finally held our heart hunt. JDaniel and I had both been sick earlier in the week and the hunt had to be delayed. I don’t know who was more excited about finding chocolates in the hearts Jdaniel or my husband. They both love chocolate.

What do you do to top an afternoon of stick gathering, butterfly catching and heart hunting? You are left with sweeping the yard. Yes, our yard in the front has now been well swept as has the curb. There wasn’t much to sweep in the grass this time of year.

After having very little fly up from the ground when JDaniel was sweeping the grass, he decided he would fly himself. What fun it was to watch him zoom from the front yard to the backyard! It made me want to grab a broom from the garage and fly around the yard myself.

We have been blessed with many warm days this winter that I haven’t captured in pictures. I am so glad that I was able to capture this wonderful afternoon. It was definitely one to remember.

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    I love that you find so much joy in the simple moments. Sometimes its hard to do, but if we try those can become some of our most treasured memories. Thank you for inspiring me to slow down a little bit more and just BE with my children. :)

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    Sounds like a mighty fine day :o) I saw some great butterfly nets the other day while out shopping with my hubby and I said to him that I can’t wait to go butterfly hunting with our grandbabies :o)

    …ah! so much fun and learning going on by you :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

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    We have that same shirt! And so excited that the weather here is finally turning nice enough to get outside again. We spent yesterday afternoon building camp fires (not real ones, just huge gatherings of sticks) in our yard. Which is a winter mess by the way! Not looking forward to cleaning it up for spring!

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    What a beautiful afternoon! We have had some lovely spring-like weather too. The funny thing is that when I tell the kids they have to go play outside, everyone acts as though I am torturing them. Silly kids.

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    One is NEVER too old to fly around the yard on the broom….*ahem* I may or may not be speaking from experience. And I may or may not be known for my little jig and rap “MY BROOM GOT ZOOM”

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    Flying on brooms is fun! Mommy should try next time. This will be fun for him to look back on, see the photos of days spent, time shared. The weather is creepy to me. Yes, it’s not unheard of for it to be unseasonably warm, but this? 70 in February? This is just…weird.

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    Enjoy these precious moments with your little son ! time goes by so quickly and suddenly he is grown up or at least he thinks so especially around 13, lol !

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    It’s incredible how kids can turn mundane stuff like a broom into a toy.

    I have one son who especially has a propensity to do this, usually when he’s supposed to be doing chores.

    It makes you a little wistful for that spirit of play that kids have.

    Come visit us at Layers of Learning

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    That was lovely.
    Every time I go out to work on the lawn and in the beds, as I pick up pine cones and twigs, I think of how much my 3 and 4 year old grandsons would like to make a game of it.

  10. Anonymous says

    What a lovely day,reminds me of the song “On Saturday Afternoons in 1963” by Rickie Lee Jones.

    Yvonne, the Netherlands

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    You are such a Nurturing Mom…

    And he is such a Neat kid too…

    I loved this post, I felt like I was there enjoying the whole afternoon with you and your family…

    I might go get my broom and fly around my yard one last time before we move… Nifty idea!!!

    Thank you for linking.


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