Valentine’s Day Crafts: R2D2 Valentine’s Day Card Box

JDaniel loves Star Wars! I thought I would surprise him by crafting  him a Valentine’s Day card box that looked like R2D2.

 I’ll have to admit a felt a little like I was doing a uncover project. I worked on it during his “quiet time” and when he was playing with a friend. When he walked by as I was working on the pictures for this post, he commented that it looked like someone has a cool R2D2 online somewhere.  I have to surpress a giggle knowing that it really is his.

How did I make it?


Paper lunch bag

White card stock

White crayon

Blue paint


Small oatmeal container



1. Find an outline of R2D2 online and print it out on white card stock.

2.Color every area of the card stock with white crayon that you don’t want blue.

3. Sponge paint the cardstock with blue paint.

4.Cut out the outline of R2D in two pieces.

5. Lift up the flap of the paper bag to cut off the top half of the area under the flap.

6. Glue the top portion  of R2D2 on the flap and the botton on the body of the bag.

7. Slip onto a small oatmeal container.

8. Place a few notes of love into R2D2 for JDaniel to find when I put out his Valentine’s Day card box.


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