Please Save My Star Wars Pajamas For My Children

For Christmas JDaniel received a pair of Star Wars pajamas from my sister Kate. He absolutely loves them. There have been a few nights that he has insisted that they be taken out of the wash pile so that he can wear them. They stayed in the wash pile and we had to find a pair that was almost as nice due to the fact that they had breakfast from that morning spread down the front of them. JDaniel really wasn’t happy about it but, he was willing to compromise after some calming conversation with me. I was the one calmly chatting.

This pair of pajamas has to be packed if we go away for the weekend and are his preferred clothing for the daytime too. He has only worn them all day if they are stayed clean at breakfast and he was too sick to leave the house up to this point.

They are only three months old and they are covered with pilly bumps and are starting to grow too short due to constant washing and drying.

Last week as we drove around town gathering things for his birthday parties he asked if I would save them for his children.

Here is how the conversation went:

JDaniel: Mom, will you save my Star Wars pajamas for my children to wear when the get big enough.

Me: Sure, we can save them.

JDaniel: I really think they will like them.

Me: How many children are you going to have?

JDaniel: As many as God decides to give me.

I know I was talking to you about pajamas but, I couldn’t have been more excited by his answer. We have been talking about handing things over to God and letting him send us His answer. I love that JDaniel is growing in His understanding of God.

I will keep my promise and set aside his Star Wars pajamas in a special box that already holds the outfit he wore home for the hospital and few other baby clothes that I would love to pass on to grandchildren someday.

I don’t know that JDaniel’s future wife and children will think about these pieces of memorabilia. I hope that they will appreciate that they were important to JDaniel or me. The Star Wars pajamas will probably be the most loved and most worn out thing the box. I have a feeling they won’t be the only pair of Star Wars pajamas in there. tTis pair will need to be replaced soon and JDaniel may want every pair he ever has saved.

Do you have a box of special things you are storing or have stored for your grandchildren?

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    I wish I had my pair of Wonder Woman underoos to hand down to my girlies, so saving those PJ’s is a wise decision… ;0)

    (And the answer he gave about how many kiddos he would like to have in the future? Priceless! You are raising a wonderful young man, Mama…)

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    My mom saved a ton of things for me and I share them with my girls all the time. They even play with several of my favorite toys from back in the day (lots of Mickey Mouse stuff). I have put away several of their favorite books from when they were little and I choose a few special things from each year that will remind them of their youth to share them with the children that God will hopefully give to them in their future.

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    oh my goodness that is the most amazing thing! I love it! What a sweet answer, and I love that he loves his pj’s I get so excited to see what my son’s favorite things will be! My mom has kept many toys that we play with when we visit their house. It’s hard cause my toys were all girly lol..but it’s still fun

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    What a cute conversation. Totally keep them for his kids. My sons have worn several vintage shirts that were their dad’s. It is fun to take pics and compare. Star Wars is a classic to save. My husband pulled out all his old SW toys and my boys are loving playing with them.

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    That is so sweet. I do have some things from when I was little that my mother passed on to me, and I have a box of things for my son.

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    I don’t have anything like that, but I wish I did.

    I do have tons and tons of photos, I’ve always taken pictures of my life and my kids, so hopefully my grandchildren will like having them someday..

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    I just love that!! Those are the special moments I just want to save forever along with the star wars pj’s!! I have a few things from each child in a box and I love to look at them sometimes. My mother had a dress of mine and when my daughter was a baby we took a few pictures of it, it was great!! Thanks for sharing your sweet boy with us for a moment!!

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    It great to see one so young have a feel for the family that will extend into the future. How cute is that! Someone had to teach him that. Who do you suppose that was?

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    that’s so nice that you keep a box of things. I am not so organized that I have the stuff in the actual box – which is technically a cedar lined “hope chest”. but I do know where the items are located – I think.

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    What an insightful little boy. I love his answer to how many he will have. My oldest will be having a baby in April and I gave him his first pair of shoes and some homemade items his grandma made for him

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    how cute. love his answer too!
    you are raising him right :)
    I too have started a box… mainly for me to look back on, but i plan on passing it down…

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    This is so sweet! When I was a little girl I had a purple nightgown that I just loved. I mean loved to the point it was ripped and tattered. My mother saved it and when I got married she gave it back to me! I couldn’t believe she had it all that time. How adorable of JDaniel to be thinking of the future!

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    You are a terrific mom and your son is a precious child of God! I love how JDaniel is learning to trust God. I need to take your young sons advice. I have had some tough times at my job. Prayer would help Thanks.
    On another note I have Nick’s “Arthur” things. A talking Arthur doll, a t shirt, movie and book. He graduates from high school May 15th and I am going to get a shadow box and make him a memory box. Now I am going to go have a good cry. Love and hugs to you and JDaniel

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    Bit late this week visiting from Mrs Matlock’s,

    Did enjoy your *P* post – so interesting!

    Look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

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    Oh wow. What a sweet, sweet post.

    I did save clothes from my kids and now from my Grandlittles. It’s neat for them to see how small they were.

    And it was crazy neat to put my kids clothes ON my grands. Kind of sad, too. Time passes so quickly.

    Thanks for the smile today. JDaniel is a particularly charming child!

    Thanks for letting us rejoice in him with you!


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