Theme Party Ideas: Star Wars

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JDaniel loves Star Wars and robots. A few weeks ago he announced that he was going to have two parties. One party needed a Star Wars theme and one needed a robot theme.

I totally agreed. He was very surprised that he would be allowed to have two parties. He was totally not in agreement with one of the parties being snack time at preschool.

He really thought he should have a party at home and one a Chuck E. Cheese. He was sure he should have the two parties that way.

Well, here is what he had.

Preschool Snack

I found really cute robots on Pinterest that were pinned from a blog called Gifts That Say Wow that I thought would be a great treat for the students in JDaniel’s class to take home. They were super cute but, were made of candy and a juice box. I decided to switch out a box of candy they used for the head of the robot with a box of raisins.

The robot contains a juice box body, Starburst feet, candy bar arms, and a raisin box head.

Gifts That Say Wow used larger plastic treat bags and I should have. I found small bags at a dollar store and decided to see if they would fit the robot. They were too short. The bags only reached the robot’s necks.

I decided to ask the teachers to serve them with the cupcakes I was also bringing in instead of having them go home with the children. The robot’s heads  were sort of loose would probably fall off and the parents won’t find the newly decapitated heads for awhile in their children’s backpacks.

The cupcakes were super easy to make and came out just the way I pictured them. (That rarely happens when I create things). All I needed to do was cut colored Twizzlers into small pieces to represent the two sections of a Star Wars light saber. The rainbow pack of Twizzlers came with purple licorice sticks that made great handles and the red, green and blue licorice sticks make great light sections.

JDaniel was so proud of both creations being taken into his class at school.

Party at Chuck E. Cheese

The treat bags for this party were really treat containers. I have to be honest and say that it was easier to build the robots then it was to try to put duct tape around the Pringles containers. It was a challenge to keep it smooth. Yes, it was a challenge that I lost.

It was fun to fill the light sabers when they were done. I was so fortunate to find Star Wars coloring packages in the dollar section at Target and Star Wars fruit chews at my local Bi-Lo. JDaniel insisted that there needed to be blowers and candy in the containers too.

The cupcakes for this party were so easy to decorate. JDaniel received a sticker book from my next door neighbor for Christmas that contained tons of bonus stickers in the back of it. I decided they would make perfect cupcake toppers.

They came out so well. All they really are is stickers on poster board with plain toothpicks stuck between the stickers and the poster board. I did cover the sticker with contact paper to try and insure they would stay stuck to the poster board.

Once again JDaniel was thrilled! I have to say that I was thrilled too.

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    I love the idea of the light sabers and filling them up with goodies! It’s amazing that Star Wars has lasted so many years! JDaniel4 is certainly lucky! Hope you all had fun! {:-D

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    I swear you’re like the best mom ever! I think dressing up the plates into happy creations is just the coolest ever, and it makes picky eaters eat so much better! Your artsy stuff rocks!

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    What awesome party treats and favors! Your son reminds me of how mine communicated party plans – I love those conversations like that – and how things move and change and grow – into the perfect, just-right party! Happy Happy Birthday coming up!

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    That robot is so cute! What a fun thing for him to bring to school. And the light saber cupcakes are perfect! I have never been brave enough to do a friend party at Chuck E Cheese

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    I want you to do my next party!! That was AWESOME!! Those robots and light savers are the coolest thing ever. JDaniel must have been so excited and even more proud of you for making so many wonderful things for him and his friends to celebrate.

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    I just saw those multi-colored twizzlers at the store! What a neat way you used them here!

    This would be an absolutely perfect party for a little birthday boy!

    Love how you themed everything together!

    What particularly wonderful ideas!

    Thanks for sharing them.


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