2nd Annual Tissue Box Challenge Begins April 16th

Do you have tissue boxes sitting in cabinets waiting to be reused and recycled?

The 2nd Annual Tissue Box Challenge is going to start next week on Monday, April 16th..

Two Bears Farm and I  will be hosting the challenge this year. It is a wonderful opportunity of for you to celebrate Earth Day, create something with your children using tissue boxes and win a prize. It is called the Tissue Box Challenge.

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How does it work?
  • Reuse a tissue box to create something fun with your children.
  • Create a post about your creation that includes a link to the Tissue Box Challenge or the challenge badge.   
  • Share your post on the Tissue Box Challenge linkup between April 16th –April 23rd.
  • Our wonderful judge Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art will select a first and second prize winners.

What are the prizes?

The first prize winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

The second prize winner will win a Plastic Bag Monster Activity Kit!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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  1. says

    The most creative thing we’ve done with a tissue box is make it into a storage container for my son’s winter stuff. He glued construction paper to it and put his name on it.

    There are definitely some more awesome ideas out there, can’t wait to see!

  2. says

    My 8 year old daughter will be all over this! She most likely will not let me help though. She says we have a “different style”. 😉 We have several empty tissue boxes as all of us seem to be suffering like JDaniel this year with our allergies. This is the worst season in years!

    • says

      My mom and I did and still do have different styles. Her box would have been bright orange with feathers on it. My box would have had to look like something.

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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