Pausing Life for a Moment- Saturday Morning at Home

JDaniel and I usually run errands or attend an enrichment event on Saturday mornings. It gives my husband some down time after a busy week at work and Jdaniel loves to go places and explore new things.


This past Saturday he wanted to stay home, ride his bike, and collect sticks. The pollen count as been down lately and Saturday continued the downward trend. I thought it was a great day to stay home.


What wonderful morning we had just being outside! JDaniel tore down the streets on his bike with training wheels. He gathered sticks that had fallen in a big rain and hail storm earlier in the week. I loved getting to walk down the street behind him and trim the hedges in the backyard as he gathered. My husband got out the house too and worked on his push mower.


When it was time for lunch, JDaniel declared that it was the perfect day for a picnic lunch on the deck. While he dug out a blanket to spread on the deck with my husband, I boiled hot dogs and assembled lunch plates of red grapes, hot dogs, and potato chips.


The overcast sky created a cool and refreshing time to be outside and eat together. It was a great time to chat and gnash and chat some more. It was heavenly! No one rushed off after lunch we all just sat together for awhile.

It was a wonderful morning of pausing the Saturday routine and enjoying just being home together.

Since JDaniel was a baby, I have treated almost every Saturday morning like it was a weekday morning. I keep busy in the building his experiential background and/ or running errands leaving my husband home to read the Bible, catch up on mail, or do house stuff.


Saturday was a wonderful change in that routine. I am so glad we paused and handled the day differently.


Next week JDaniel has a birthday party on Saturday and the following week I have a blogging event to attend. We will be busy on Saturday morning once again.


I have to admit that in three weeks we are supposed to go to science event at a local science center. Right now it is on the schedule, but after the wonderful morning we just had I am thinking we may just stay home.




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    So glad you were able to enjoy your change of pace.

    I just finished our family schedule for the rest of April and for all of May and discovered that we don’t have a day or evening without a game or practice until June 3rd.

    I am now desperately trying to figure out how to pause life for a minute during the next five weeks.

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    What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. I try not to get too busy on Saturdays either, I rather hang out around the house or maybe go for a couple of hours to the beach. Our ‘family’-time is hardly ever on the weekend anyway, because the Hubs works in the tourist industry.

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    Nothing better than a picnic with the family.
    Hope JDaniel’s bday party is terrific! (With you at the helm, I know it will be…)


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    You know, I was pretty adamant about not having anything scheduled for weekends to leave them free for hanging out and spontaneous trips. I love weekends when we manage to do both something that would “expand horizons” and have a quiet time for the three of us.

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    Happy Birthday week to JDaniel – and am so excited you are going to a blogging event! How fun!!!

    I’ll tell you a bad-mom secret – I love rainy days because everything is cancelled – soccer practice, soccer games. I love Saturdays where everything stops and we get to meander about in each others lives! So glad you had a Saturday like that!

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