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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:
    Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland

    I love the Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland. It is my favorite new library book. JDaniel likes it too, but it isn’t his favorite and I am  not sure why. He loves to give hugs and so does the bear in this book.

    Bear is a hugger. He hugs everything and everyone he comes across. He freaks out a rabbit by hugging him when the rabbit thinks he is going to eat him.  He tries to hug a moose, but his arms don’t reach around him. He hugs small birds, smelly skunks, and scary snakes too.

    Bear’s favorite thinga to hug are trees. He just loves trees. He hugs trees that are  big, little, apple, peach or pear. He will hug trees of every kind everywhere around the woods.

    One day a man came to the woods and tried to cut down a wonderful tree. Bear freaked out about the idea of cutting down a tree. At first he wanted to kill the man, but he decided he is not that kind of bear. Bear ended up doing what he loves to best and freaked the man out. The man runs away after bear hugs him.

    With the man gone Bear does what he loves best to the tree. He hugs it.

    What did we do after reading the book?

    Tissue Box Bear and Story Retelling

    Big Bear Hug Retelling Stick Puppets

    JDaniel and I found pictures on the internet that matched many of the things the bear hugged. After printing them out, JDaniel used watercolors or marker to color most of the pictures.

    When the pictures had dried we used them to retell the story. After our retelling time, JDaniel stored the stick puppets in the tissue box the bear is hugging.

    Reviewed Items to Recycle

    Big Bear Hug Recycling Activity

    I found a wonderful chart on the internet that displayed the items that can be recyled and lists the ones that you can not recycle. We did two activities with the chart.

    The first activity involved using chopsticks to pick up things that should be recycled and placing them in the bear tissue box. I am sure the bear would only want items you can recycle in his box.

    The second activity was to go through one of the grocery store circulars that we get in the mail and circle the items that had containers that could be recycled.

    Finding Items to Recycle in a Grocery Store Circular

    What did you do this week?

    Reminder: The Tissue Box Challenge will end on the 22nd of April. There is still time to add your wonderful tissue box creations to the link up. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.


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      Errrg! I’m so sorry…I linked up my DIY jump rope, and then read more specifically your instructions that the post is suppose to tie into a book. I tried to delete it as sometimes I see a little “x” by my linky, but I am not able to. I won’t link up again in the future unless it is book-related. SO sorry! Please omit my post if you like!

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      I want to check out this book at the library. It looks so fun and I love the retelling activity. My three year old loves stuff like this. Thanks for letting us link up!

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      Thank you for the reminder to do more than just read and discuss. My kids, especially my daughter, would love these kind of activities.

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