Read.Explore.Learn.- The Big Wish and Tissue Box Challenge Winners

Here are the winners of the Tissue Box Challenge:
The first place winner and the winner of a $20 GC to is the puppet theater created by The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom.
The second place winner and the winner of A Plastic Bag Monster Kit is the musical instrument created by Teach Beside Me.
Both these ladies projects were truly amazing. Actually all of the projects were amazing. Maggie of Red Ted’s Art Blog  had a really hard time picking a winner. Lisa of Two Bears Farm and I were very lucky we didn’t have to choose the winner.
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Welcome to Read.Explore.Learn.! This meme was designed to be a place for you to share the learning opportunities, crafts, field trips, and other activities you have done this week that tie-in to children’s books. I look forward to seeing ways you have learned with and explored books.


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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:
    Molly the main character of The Big Wish by Carolyn Conahan has a big dream. She wants to set the world record for the biggest wish ever. To do that Molly lets dandelions for wishing take over her yard. Her neighbors don’t understand at first that the dandelions are wish makers. They see them as weeds.
    Although Molly has written the World Record people to let them know about the wish, she can’t have them come until the dandelion are wish ready.
    Everyone in Molly’s town has an idea of what the wish should be. They share their ideas all the time with her.  Finally it is decided that all the wish ideas should be written down and Molly will pick the winning idea.
    When the dandelions finally change to wish  puffs, a big storm comes that threatens to blow the wish puff away. The whole town has to come to help cover the field.
    In the end the whole town gets to make their own individual wishes!
    What did we do to extend The Big Wish?
    Egg Carton and Tissue Paper Dandelions
    Wishes on Tissue Paper Dandelions
    We made dandelions for wishing out of tissue paper  and placed them in a section of egg carton painted green.
    Then I had JDaniel dictate to me some of his wishes for the world and I wrote them on dandelion leaves.
    Letter Recognition Using a Cotton Balls and an Egg Carton 
    Egg Carton Letter Recognition Game
    I created a letter matching game in a egg carton. JDaniel had to lift up the wish puffs with chopsticks and try to find the matching uppercase letters.


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    1. says

      I love your dandelions! My little man just discovered how to blow them when they turn white. So now he’s spreading the love or the weeds- depending how you look at it! :)

      Thanks for the linky! I linked up my 3 little kitten activities that I did this week. They were fun to make and pretty simple. (love my ltitle laminator!)


    2. says

      Hi I found your blog because I commented on The SITS girls Saturday Sharefest and you were the comment above me.

      What a nice blog you have! I love finding ideas for things to do to occupy children and its always great if they learn something at the same time.

      Perhaps if I look around I’ll find something I can do at my work place.


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