When God Needs Bubbles, JDaniel Will Send Them!

Bubble Gun Sending Bubbles to Heaven

“What do you want for Easter?” JDaniel’s Nana asked him when we were visiting her right before Easter

“I want a bubble machine!” JDaniel replied.

“I am going to give your mom the money for it and you can shop for one when you get home,” Nana answered. My mother in-law doesn’t drive anymore so, she tends to get her grandchildren’s moms to shop for her.

A few days later we went to the bubble maker section at Target. Yes, they have a bubble maker section. It is filled with bubble guns, wands, along with machines.

I placed all of the options out on a low shelf for JDaniel to look over. There were eight different options. That was probably too many to look through. The decision took awhile.

Finally he decided on a bubble laser gun. The gun required batteries so I guess it counted as a bubble machine.

JDaniel was so excited that he couldn’t wait to hold it in his arms. He held it all the way home in its packaging.

When we got home we unpackaged the laser gun and began a search for the right size batteries. We found one in the spot we keep batteries and had to “borrow” one from an unused toy.

Once the laser gun was loaded and ready to go, we took it outside for a test drive. It produced a plethora of the most beautiful bubbles. They had hues of yellow, red, and blue that you could see as the bubbles floated around the yard.

There is was a small dilemma for JDaniel. Do you put down your bubble gun before you run after the bubbles or just carry it with you?

Some of the bubbles quickly floated to the ground and popped. Others drifted across the yard and seemed to disappear in mid air. Some of the bubbles floated up into the air and seemed to float on forever.

JDaniel decided that those bubbles were going to God. “God, must need to see bubbles today!” he announced.

Later when the little boy next door came out he and JDaniel had the best time taking turns chasing bubbles and running the bubble laser gun.

When some of the bubbles started floating up again, JDaniel told him about how God needed to see bubbles today. The boy next door told JDaniel that the bubbles were just popping as they floated up in the air due to pressure.

JDaniel didn’t buy his explanation and continued to announce to the bubbles floating up into the sky, “You are heading to Heaven!”

Guess what little science expert from next door started doing after a short time? He started making the same announcement.

I loved sitting on the driveway manning the bubble tray filled with bubble liquid hearing two little boys shouting, “Your are heading to Heaven!” to bunches of bubbles as they ran all over the yard.

It was a truly special afternoon! I bet God loved hearing there words and seeing the beautiful bubbles too.


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    owe this was wonderful. your boy is too sweet and very smart! i did not know target has a whole bubble section. my 3yo son is having trouble using the old fashion wand types. i’ll definitely have to look for something machine-like! followed you from your comment on the SITS post. so glad i did!

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    How sweet! Our kids lost a 6 year old friend and always write her name in sidewalk chalk for her to see. I am going to tell them to send her bubbles. Love that!

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    I just love reading your stories. How touching and they now have bubble machines? We use to put dish soap in a jar back in the day. OMG – I’m starting to feel old!

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    There’s nothing like playing with bubbles to make you feel young. I played with some bubbles and little kids on Sunday. So sweet!

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    My Son sends his Grandfather bubbles in heaven, and balloons, and occasionally he sees a “rocket ship” and it certain that is where it is going. Through the eyes of a Child, right? Love this post. Thanks for sharing :)

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    I’m a grandma whose grandkids have NOT asked for a bubble machine, so I loved reading this! Next time I visit Target, I’m going to investigate the “bubble section” to see what I’m missing. :)
    Looks like JDaniel had a wonderful time sending bubbles to heaven. I love his outlook.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog…it was fun to visit yours.

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    All kids love bubbles, and even my cats, lol ! I bought bubbles in a tube with a ring to blow through and it made the most beautiful bubbles for my little grandson. I would never buy a gun for a child, even if it’s only a toy. I also would have the parents on my back, lol !

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    How sweet – love the image that they were going to Heaven!

    Just got ours some bubble machines, but we haven’t tried them yet. I bet it will be hard to decide how to chase them, with bubble blower or not, like you said.

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    This is so wonderful! Such a cheerful, simple, innocent activity – bubbles are always a hit. And I love their announcement that the bubbles were going to heaven!! :)

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    aww, what a sweet post! You know I love Bubbles and now I will always think of this post and where those bubbles are going! Have a great weekend, Nan

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    What a Wonderful little inspiration he is…

    He has such a heart of gold, just like his Mother!

    Thanks for linking to the letter W.


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