Happy Mother’s Day: JDaniel’s Flowers and Quote

JDaniel and his dad bought me the lovely flowers in the glass and vase.  They arranged them together on Saturday morning.
Later on Saturday afternoon I ran to answer the door bell and found the sweetest little boy standing on the front porch holding a dandelion to add to his arrangement in the drinking glass.
The flower pot displayed was created by JDaniel’s preschool teachers and was sitting at my place on at the Mother’s Day brunch. I love it! It has a picture of him from the beginning of the year and the end of the year along with a message from JDaniel.
As I was working on this post JDaniel walked through the dining room where we house our computer and declared, “I know I am important to you.” He spoke the truth. He is important to me and I am so glad that he knows that he is. It is because of him that Mother’s Day has a special place in my heart.
For years I celebrated my mom and her importance. She 100% deserved to be remembered and still does. We took her flowers on Saturday night and had dinner with her.
Today I am counting myself  blessed that JDaniel. He truly is a blessing from God! Being his mom is very important to me. As I said I am so glad he knows it.

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    you are an awesome mom… and i am so glad that he realizes how important he is to you… isn’t life wonderful?
    hope you had an amazing mothers day

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