Pinterest for Dummies Review and Giveaway

Did you ever read a book to learn get a better understanding of how to do something and feel like there were light bulbs going off in your head the whole time? When I was reading Pinterest for Dummies by Kelby Carr, I felt that way.

I have been using Pinterest for about a year and thought I knew what I was doing. I set up boards that fit the types of things I blog about. I pinned ideas onto those boards that I thought you would love to see. I even try to pin from the original source when I have time so the original blog is linked to the idea.

After reading Kelby’s book there are several things I need to do to use Pinterest effectively as well as some things I thought you might want to know. I can only share a few. It would take a whole book to share all that I learned and you can read her wonderful book instead.

Wait! Before I go on I want to check on something! Has everyone heard of Pinterest?

If not, here is what Pinterest is:
Pinterest is a visual collection of bookmarks that you organize into virtual pinboards. If you see something on a blog, your favorite retailer’s website, or even something that you take a picture of with your smartphone, you can pin it to one of your Pinterest boards for future reference.

 It is a social network. You can follow other users and be followed by others. You can repin something another user has pinned, or you can like it or comment on it.

Here are some things I learned about Pinterest from the book:

You can change your profile name, but if you do the links to your profile will no longer work. It is so important to decide carefully what you want your profile to be. Do you want your name, your blog name or something else to be your profile name?

Avoid using more than seven words in the title of your board. The title can be cut short causing the title to become a little odd.

You can change the name of your board, but it also changes the boards url. The old link will now lead anyone that has linked to the old board name to an error message.

You can move your most popular or most well pinned boards to the top

If you follow only certain boards of a member instead of all of them, you don’t count in their follower count or on their follower list.

Just like the many other books in the Dummies series this book highlights special tips, points to remember, warnings and technical stuff tips. I loved being able to hone in on these icons as I read through the book. Each contained a nugget I could and probably needed to work on.

There is so many more things I could list that I learned from this amazing resource. If you are currently using Pinterest or interested in starting to this really needs to be in your home.

I am thrilled! Guess why!

Now that I have you wanting a copy of your own guess what!? I get to give one of you a copy of Pinterest for Dummies by Kelby Carr.

Below you will find ways to enter the giveaway. I truly am excited about giving one of you a copy of this book. Kelby is the founder and CEO of Type A Parent. I have been blessed to be able to actually meet her at her annual Type A Conference in North Carolina. She is an truly brilliant lady who knows the ins and outs of Pinterest and is a active user of it.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the book Pinterest for Dummies to review. All opinions about this book are my own. The definition of Pinterest used in this post came  in an e-mail I received about this book.


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  1. says

    I’m curious about how to organize boards so they are not too specific to be a board but not too overwhelming to browse.

  2. says

    I am on Pinterest, but using it mostly just for fun. I would love to learn how to use it as a tool to drive readership to my blog, which is highly praised but under-read right now. Thanks for drawing my attention to this book!

  3. says

    I didn’t realise people were already writing books about Pinterest! I also didn’t know that about follower numbers, I often unfollow one or two boards I’m not interested in (e.g. TV stuff or giveaways)

  4. says

    I haven’t introduced myself to Pinterest yet, but I probably will eventually. I keep thinking that I already spend more than enough time on my blog!


  5. says

    Great review. I play with pinterest from time to time but feel like it is just another way to waste time! But I do enjoy the fantastic photos.

  6. says

    I want to use Pinterest to organize all of the wonderful ideas I see, instead of copying it to Word. It would safe me TONS of time.

  7. says

    what a brilliant review! i too feel like it’s just another way to waste time! i’m on pinterest but only using it from time to time…just for enjoying some good photos.

    thanks for the lovely comment:)

    i love your blog!

  8. says

    Yes, it bugs me that if you only follow some boards it doesn’t count as followers- there are some boards I am just not interested in. Not sure what else I want to learn but I am sure I would Learn a ton

  9. says

    I would love to learn how to use it more effectively to help my blog.
    Thanks for those little nuggets of advice. The one I am the most surprised at is finding out that only following certain boards does not count me as a follower. Gotta rectify that.

  10. says

    Right now I use Pinterest to pin things I find of interest and would like to be able to find later. Especially ideas for our homeschool and recipes. I do pin a few of my own posts that I would like more exposure to.

  11. says

    I’d like to learn how to use Pinterest most effectively. I’m already addicted to Pinterest and use it LOTS. I want to be sure I’m not missing out on a technique that would be helpful! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :) debchitwood @ ymail dot com

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