Olympics for Kids- Olympic Symbols Bento Snack

I am so excited about the Olympics in London! I guess you have been able to figure that out. Last Monday I featured Fruit Filled Olympic Rings for a breakfast meal and this week I have created an Olympic themed snack Bento.

JDaniel and I have been talking about the Olympic symbols and what they mean. He was so excited to see some of the symbols in this snack Bento. The fact that the symbols were made of some of his favorite foods might have added to the excitement.

The Olive Wreath  or kotinos is made of fresh green spinach. JDaniel loves fresh spinach so much that he asked for full size leaves after eating the smaller ones.

The ham and cheese creation on the right is supposed to a torch with a flame. I think if I had narrowed the handle of the torch it would have looked more torch like. If you imagine the end of the torch as being a little long, it might help too.

The Olympic rings are round crackers with wonderful toppings. There is grape jelly, black olives, rhubarb jelly from Two Bears Farm, bananas, and pear applesauce on one of each of the crackers.

JDaniel completely cleared out this Bento so, I guess you could say this snack won a gold medal in my Olympics for Kids food challenge.


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    The ham and cheese torch wins it! I love it and this is the perfect way to give my girls something healthy and fun when they get home from field hockey camp tomorrow. I even have all of the ingredients on hand!

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    {Melinda} How cute is that?! Mine are 15 and 12 now and unfortunately won’t eat it if they don’t want to, regardless of what amazing pattern I create! :) Take advantage of these days as long as you can, mama!

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    I love this snack box – I know what T will be having for snacks during the Olympics this time.

    Thank you for linking this up to Tuesday Tots and just popping by to let you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum this week.

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