Under the Sea: Outdoor Play Lunch

After spending several weeks celebrating the Olympics I thought, I would take you under the sea to watch some of the animals participate in outdoor play.

Did you not know that starfish jump with seaweed ropes? I think this strawberry jello salad starfish does. He must have dreams of performing in a circus or theater. He has stars in his eyes.

The fish in the top left compartment is such a ham and  he will stand on his  fins and say, “Cheese!” Maybe he just watched a lot of gymnastics during the Olympics.

The other fish just like to hang out with others in the school and play tag. This must be a version of tag that requires you tag another fish with you eyeball or mouth. These Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish seem to like playing it.

If you have a post on your children playing their favorite outdoor game, please come by on Wednesday and link it up to my Outside Play: Games link festival.


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    I may have a slight addiction to the Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish. I even put them on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles last week. I think they need to sell these in a much larger bag. 😉
    Looks like another wonderfully fun lunch!

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