Starfish Muffin Tin Meal

Beach Themed Meal

Yes, I know I am a day behind. I usually share a food creation with you on Monday, but this week I am running a little behind.

We were at the beach most of last week and I am a still trying to get back on course. We had a wonderful time away, but now I am trying to get back to our regular routine. I have been doing laundry, grocery shopping and housekeeping like crazy to get on top of things.

That said I hope you will enjoy my starfish and beach themed muffin tin. It is filled with some of JDaniel’s favorite foods.

He loves all kinds of cheese and cheese flavored products. Cheese crackers were his snack request for the beach trip. I try to bring a bag or a box of everyone’s favorite snack to the beach. Amazingly enough we had leftover cheese crackers in the box to use for this lunch when we got back from the beach. The cheese cracker sun is surrounded by strips of dried apricots.

The starfish is a piece of toast covered in blackberry ham, red grapes, an apricot smile and Oreo eyes.  I peeled the filling out of an Oreo and cut it into quarters. Two of the quarter are the whites of the Starfish’s eyes and cookie pieces are his pupils.

The starfish is dipping his toes or lower arms. (Starfish don’t really have toes.)  into blueberry yogurt with blue sprinkles in it. Blue is JDaniel’s favorite color right now. Blue foods make him really happy.

Beside the starfish is the sandy shore or beach. The beach is made of homemade applesauce sprinkled with granola and cinnamon. When the starfish steps onto the beach, he may complain of the roughness of the sand. JDaniel on the other hand loved all the components of the beach and ate them all without a fuss.


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    Cute! :) So creative… my daughter is always asking me to “dress up” her food.. I should try this idea… she is so specific in what she likes … or simple… or simply picky.

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    Wow! Just wow. My kids would love for you to make their meals. I’m proud of myself when I cut their sandwiches in to shapes. I’ll have to try something like this!

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