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As you read the story Little Owl’s Night, you get  travel along with Little Owl as he travels through the air watching all the other nocturnal animals. There are fireflies dancing, moths fluttering toward the moon, and so much more.  This tale takes you from the beginning of the night to the end of an evening just as Little Owl goes to sleep.

The picture and words in this beautiful book flow. We were introduced to this book during a local story time. I loved watching and listening to this story unfold.

What did we do to explore this book?

Owl Craft

Owl Craft with Cupcake Liner Eyes

We created a torn paper owl with cupcake liner eyes! He looks ready to take in all the late night creatures and events.

Owl Flip Chute for Learning

Owl Flip Chute Learning Tool

A flip chute is a learning tool. You place a small card in the top slot that has a number fact, question for children to answer, or a picture that you can identify on it.  When the card comes out of the bottom slot the card has flipped to the back, the answer to the question, fact or name of the picture is now facing the you.

I usually use a milk or juice carton to make flip chutes, but we didn’t have any in our recycling bin. We did have an oatmeal container so that is what is used.

How do you make one? 

Here are the steps:
card stock strips

Cut to strips out of a file folder or card stock. The smaller piece with be attached to the bottom of the top slot and the top of the bottom slot. The longer piece will be attached to the back of the container and hang out of the bottom of the bottom slot. I cut a rounded tongue to start with and later trimmed it into a beak.

 oatmeal container with slots by JDaniel4's Mom

Cut two slots out of the oatmeal container. The top slot doesn’t have to be as big as I made it.


After coloring the base of the tongue orange, place the strips in place with tape. Remember the shorter strip is attached to the top of the bottom slot and the bottom of the top slot. The longer strip is attached near the top of the inside of the container and sticks out of the bottom slot.

Once you have the strips in place, try placing a card into the top slot to see if it will flip.

Then decorate to your heart’s contents. Our owl has a long beak to ensure that the card will fall out. Whatever creature you create would benefit from a long tongue too.

Owl Sandwich

Owl Sandwich by JDaniel4's Mom

JDaniel had an owl sandwich created with Colby Jack cheese and whole grain bread to celebrate our study of owls. 
Here are some wonderful ways to explore books that people linked up last week:

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    Sorry to make your list messy. Please feel free to delete 8, my computer was acting up and it put in a wrong link and I compounded it by entering a field incorrectly.

    Thanks for the hooty fun!

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    I love these! My daughter just told me she wants an owl cake for her next birthday – we might have to have some owl sandwiches with it! I’d never heard of flip chute but this is so cute we might have to try it.

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