Taking Time to Play- Scented Red and Green Playdough

I shared a list of 25 Before Christmas Activities for Kids last Sunday. During the Tuesdays leading up to Christmas, I am going to share a few of those activities on Tuesdays as a part of the Taking Time to Play series.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday my family hosted my husband’s family here in South Carolina. All of my nieces and nephews are much older than JDaniel. He does have three second cousins thanks to his oldest cousin. JDaniel was thrilled to have them to play with during our family gathering.

JDaniel and I tried to create some activities we could do with the younger generation of cousins while the older family members chatted after meals. One of the things we made was scented Christmas playdough.

We used Easy No Cook Jello Playdough recipe from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas to create our playdough.  The red playdough was made with cherry jello and the green playdough was created using Duncan Hines Frosting Creations- Mint Chocolate in place of jello.

Taking Time to Play: Scented Red and Green Playdough

I was worried we would have too much playdough so, I cut the recipe in half. I really should have stuck to the recipe. The vegetable oil really didn’t get absorbed into the mixture well. Both the red and green batches were really gooey and oily.

We had to keep adding flour to each of the mixture until the level of stickiness went down. I think if I just stayed with the recipe I would have been fine.

Taking Time to Play- Scented Red and Green Playdough
Our family stayed at a hotel during their visit and we ate in a hotel meeting room for several meals. After dinner on Wednesday night, I spread  a plastic tablecloth out on the meeting room floor. The kids got done on the floor and had a wonderful time playing with the playdough.

The room was a little dark in the area we played in. The picture above of JDaniel creating a smile face in playdough came out a little dark,

Taking Time to Play- Scented Red and Green Playdough

Each of our nieces had a great time exploring this homemade playdough too. They created lots of animals and pumpkin shaped playdough objects.

They told me their grandmother (my sister in law) makes them playdough too. They also mentioned hers had been a little sticky too. Apparently we are sticky playdough makers in my family.

We did have a great time taking time to play while the big people got caught up and told stories of long ago.

What did the children in your family do after your Thanksgiving Meal?


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    FUN! My kids all love playdough. And the scented is always the best! I have the funnest ornaments from when my kids were in preschool, where they made heart ornaments for my tree from scented and colored playdough and then baked it. Would you believe that 5 years later it still smells like cinnamon? lol. I love it.

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