Angels Among Us

Angel Party Hat

While we totally celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas day, it is the angels like the one displayed in this craft JDaniel made it school last year that are on my mind. I know that God send his angels to look over us. The Bible shares numerous encounters with angels. 

I have never seen an actual angel with wings and halo. They don’t seem to make appearance much anymore. Last week I did encounter a doctor that spoke to me the way I think an angel would.
My mom is on her fourth week in the hospital. I have talked with dozens of nurses and doctors during that time. They have almost all been kind and all have been very caring, but one really stands out.
Dr. H stopped in to check on Mom and I was sitting in a chair beside her. He updated both of us on how she is doing. (She hasn’t walked in weeks and can’t use her hands. They don’t know what started her decline and still are not sure what the cause of her current issues is.) Many doctors have done that with my sisters and I.
What made Dr. H different? He took my hand and said, “Thank you so much for coming to sit with your mom. Being here makes such a difference.” I was floored. What a kind thing to say! It is hard to know when some isn’t speaking clearly if you are making a difference. 

What a gift his words were to me! I would continue to visit her daily anyway, but hearing his sweet and thoughtful words really made my day.

It isn’t easy to leave work each day, rush to the hospital for a few hours, rush home to each dinner with my guys and try to get caught up with all the house and life stuff. Thankfully my husband has been doing a lot of the things I normally do.

Visiting with mom is the right thing for my family to do and I am so thankful Dr. H thinks so too.



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    I am really sad that your Mom’s been in the hospital. Sending prayers for her speedy recovery. Dr. H is the real angel, what a thoughtful thing to say – in this busy-mad world, we forget what a nice and kind word could make someone’s day! We need to remember that.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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