{Christmas Ornament Activity} Positional Words

{Christmas Ornament Activity} Positional Words

As you get ready to put away our ornaments, you may want to try this activity. It asks children to place objects in an ornament storage frame based on position words that I wrote on index cards. Non-fragile ornaments in our Christmas ornament collection worked out best for us. Many of them are ones that JDaniel made himself.
What relative positions are on the cards?
There are words like:
·In front of
·Next to
·To the left of
·To the right of

Working with the word beside

How do you play?
· Place one of the ornaments in the center of the storage grid.
· Turn one card at a time.
· Place an ornament in the position called for on the card.
· When you turn over the next card, you can decide if you are going place next ornament
   by the first ornament or the second.
·Continue placing ornaments until every section of the storage grid is filled.
Working with the word over

Working with position words and manipulatives is core skill. I think I saw a similar activity done using a worksheet. Using objects and a cardboard grid seemed like it would be more fun. We really enjoyed it.  In fact we had to take out the ornaments and do the activity again. Working on relative position trumped getting the ornaments cleaned up.



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