New Year’s Drink For Kids- Firecracker Sparkler

New Year's Drink For Kids- Firecracker Sparkler
My son loves special drinks. I think it is because he is served milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner. A special drink for New Year’s needed to be super special and have super special name like the Firecracker Sparkler.  Something super special should include some of your favorite food or drink like elements.

What is in our Firecracker Sparkler?

  • Sprite
  • Fun Flavored Popsicles
  • Licorice

How do you make one?

A Bubbling Beverage
It is really simple put together. You simply pour Sprite or your child’s favorite drink. It could be a type of soda or juice. I chose Sprite to give the Firecracker Sparkler some fizz. A sparkling apple or grape juice would also give this New Year’s Eve Drink some bubbles.
Fun Chillers

We cut fun striped popsicles into cubes to add a fun color to the drink along with additional flavor. We used Sprite which has a lemon lime flavor. The popsicles we selected also had a citrus flavor. They were lime, orange and watermelon. As the popsicle ice cubes melted, this New Year’s drink for kids got better and better. Matching your popsicle ice cubes flavor with your choice of beverage will be a lot of fun.
Fun Straw
A fun straw was totally needed to accessorize our New Year’s drink. We used a stick of licorice as a straw, because JDaniel loves red licorice. A fun twisty straw or sparkly straw from a party store might be fun too.

New Year's Drink For Kids- Firecracker Sparkler

This New Year’s drink for kids isn’t super fancy. It contains items you could easily find in any grocery. My son loved it. I bet if you a celebrating at noon on New Year’s Eve or just before bedtime your children will love this drink or a variation of it too.



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    Another fun twist might be Plum Organics makes a licorice style straw, but it’s made from real fruit. It’s double sided with a hole just perfect for drinking (they suggest drinking it with milk). I bought a ton of them when I found them on discount for 99 cents a box :-)

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