Planting and Spreading Words

We planted two pumpkin seeds beside the our shed after our first attempts at gardening failed.

After awhile, two sprouts grew out of the ground. Then giant leaves appeared

JDaniel and I went to visit my sister Michelle’s family in Atlanta last week and when we came back the plants had started taking over the yard. My husband claims they tried to grab him as he drove past them on the riding mower.

I told JDaniel they are like Jack’s beanstalk. They seem to grow bigger and longer over night.

Our pastor Andy Lewis preached on the verses in James that speak about the tongue on Sunday. He challenged us to think about what we say and why we are saying it for a whole day this week. “Words grow,” he reminded us. “Words can take root in people’s hearts. They can change they way someone feels about you and they can make you wish they could be taken back.

His words hung in my heart when we left church on Sunday. I felt challenged about the words I say to my family and those I love.

My sister Kate who was down visiting last week (Yes, last week was filled with visiting with my sisters!) commented on how she hears my words come out of Jdaniel’s mouth.

In some ways that is a compliment. He speaks in complete sentences and uses lots of different kinds of words. In some ways it is a challenge. He is frustrated and demanding at times. He can try to order others around. I have heard him say, “ I need it right?” more than once.

JDaniel may be just what I need to monitor my words. He shares with me the words I have taught him while I speak with him and with others.

I want my words to grow and bear fruit. I do not want them to spread emotions and ways to interact with others that are not good to my son.

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I am currently working on my next Mary Lee story. It will probably be posted at the end of the month.


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    Planting things is so fun for the kids =)
    My children repeat what comes out of my mouth now so I have to be VERY careful. My husband tells me , my daughter sounds just like me already

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    I laughed at the part about your husband’s being “attacked” by the pumpkin plant. Great visual!

    I know just what you mean about having a “wee parrot.” Baby Charleigh was fussing, yesterday, and Clementine looked at her and said: “SHHHH! Be quiet, Charleigh! You’re annoying me!” And I swear, she became my mini me in that instant. She, too, can be very bossy. I notice that she kisses a lot (probably to make up for the bossiness). That’s me, too.

    Have a blessed day!

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    I think it is very difficult to hear your children parrot your words. It gives you pause. Sometimes I think we don’t give our words enough credit for the power they possess.

    Great reminder!

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    We try to be very careful with how and what we say to our son. It doesn’t help that we are trying raise him multi-lingual so there is always that added challenge. I think that at this age it’s normal for them to speak our words back since it is the only thing they really now at the moment.

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    Hi! I totally agree! I remember what our pastor said once Sunday, he said, our children will be who the most important person in their life believe they are. Words do have power and we should use it to build up and encourage and never to tear down.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog. Your words were encouraging :-)

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    Hi! I totally agree! I remember what our pastor said one Sunday. He said, ‘Our children will be who the most important person in their life believe they are’. Words do have power and we should use it to build up and encourage and never to tear down.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog. Your words were encouraging :-)

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    I love how you wrote this post! “I want my words to grow and bear fruit.” It is beautiful imagery :) My girls are growing cucumbers and carrots for the first time this summer (in pots) and it’s been the ‘seed’ for many conversations about life!

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    You are absolutely right about being careful about our words. I have been reminded of that a lot lately. Thank you for the great comparison.
    And yay for your pumpkin plant!!

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    I love this! I so often hear what I say come out of my childrens mouths, even when just playing with each other, so it is a great reminder to watch what we say and how we say it!

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    Thanks for the reminder. My son is only 5-mos-old, but I know he will understand what we say longer before he can repeat it. We should start watching what we say now. That’s why I’ve threatened my husband with a week-long visit at my mother’s if he ever listens to Howard Stern with the baby in the car!

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    Your post hits home…having 2 older children, I find that I converse with them on a different level, while my daughter who is 4 years younger tries to keep up. It’s always an eye opener to me when I hear her talking to her brothers, and it sounds like it is me! Urgh…this is something I am trying very hard to change!! Thanks for the reminder!! ;0)

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    I often hear myself reflected in my children’s voices. And many times, I don’t like what I hear. They are constant reminders to do better, try harder, be more patient.

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    This is a lesson my parents taught us very early on. It’s all about respect…what you give out, you get back. Sadly, respect & manners seem to be a forgotten trait in today’s times.

    I hope you have good results with the pumpkin. It was funny about your hubby. 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’m here:
    Pages Of Love

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    This is such a great post! I not only have to remember my words, but also my tone of voice. Big T has said things to me where I didn’t like his tone. But I know he’s heard it from me. It’s a constant struggle to remember that we teach them words, but also tone of voice.

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    Sometimes I’ve heard my words coming out of my boys’ mouths and I’ve been proud. Other times ashamed. And it has really made me think.

    Great post!

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    Your pastor’s words are really something to think about. My problem is that I often don’t say the right words–or any at all. I can be very introverted and get lost in my own thoughts. Perhaps I need to start speaking more about what’s on my heart.

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    As long as you’re thinking about what you’re saying in front of your little guy you’ll do fine. I just know that your normal way of being with him is always with complete intent.

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    Oh, your words must make such an impression, so I am sure that you need to be careful and always say positive things around him–and I’ll bet you do!

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    Oh yes, sometimes our own words come right back at us…and puts everything in perspective when a young one repeats them.

    Looking forward to your posts later in the Fall when you harvest that huge pumpkin:o)

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    It’s amazing how words can bear positive or negative tones…great reminder.

    Those pumpkins are going to take over I think…you just wait until October! :)

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    My daughter teachers have commented many times how our daughter speaks so much like an adult. They also commented that she constructs the sentences like a German speaker. Even if she doesn’t speak German, she does learn a lot from her father :)

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    This is so true! My kids seem to repeat the words I don’t want them to more than the ones I do. It has certainly made me more careful about what I say over the years.

    My watermelon is taking after your pumpkins. I feel like if I could stand to sit out in the heat all day I would be able to see it growing!

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    A great reminder. I have heard my words come out of my children’s mouths many times. Sometimes, this brings me pride when I hear them speaking to a younger child in a sweet tone saying “it’s okay sweetie” but when I hear them speak in an annoyed tone and say something like “you’ve got to be freaking kidding me”, I cringe and want to crawl under a table. Words have such power and I need to be more careful with mine. Thank you for the reminder.

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    great post! i totally need to be better about what i say in front of my kids. they are little sponges that soak up so much!!

    i’m following you from my new site now too. hope you’ll stop by my new site and follow back! its a mom family fun review site! :) thanks,hoLLy

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    What a perfect visual – pumpkin vines that just grow and grOW and GROW! And, sometimes, we can trip over those vines (words) and they can tangle us trying to steal our grace! Love this!

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    We used to grow giant pumpkins when I was a kid. Those pumpkin plants would get so big and invasive in the backyard, my mom used to laugh that she was afraid they would grow into her bedroom at night.

    So much fun.

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    How fun it is that your pumpkin seeds have grown! I hope that JDaniel is excited about the pumpkins that will be growing soon :)

    This post has such a great message :) I notice that E has been saying a lot of things that I say to her all the time too. It’s so funny because whenever I want to trick her, she would repeat things that I’ve sad to her in the past, leaving me dumbfounded by her cleverness :) Both my husband and I have agreed that we need to start being careful of what we say around her now!

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    This is such a thoughtful post.

    It’s definitely a case of ‘as you sow’ with words in front of children, isn’t it?

    Volunteer plants are always the best! Like a surprise present!

    Thanks for linking.


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    Great reminder. Your pastor’s metaphor made me pause as well. My son is just a baby, but we need to start watching what we say now. Anger and frustration are only a moment. The hurt from words said in those moments last forever. Thank you for this. I can see why this is a popular post.

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