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Thanksgiving comes, by statute one a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow. ~Edward Sandford Martin 

Thanksgiving is about so much more than football games, gathering around a groaning table of food, and watching parades. It is about remembering all you have been given and taking the time to give to others.
This year there are so many that need to have us reach out and remember them. Please take a moment to think about something you could do for someone else.
If you write a blog post about it, please share it below. I would love for you to link it back to this post. It will let others know about this link up and may inspire them to serve others too.
 What a joy it will be to see how you chose to make someone’s Thanksgiving special!
I will randomly select one person who links up to receive a $5 Starbucks card.

What did we do?

Walking for Charity

JDaniel and I participate in the  Mission Backpack 5K and 1 Mile Walk. We did the 1 mile walk along with dog friend JDaniel made. Thank goodness there was a lady who brought he dog along. JDaniel loved walking with him.

Mission Backpack sends backpacks filled with food home with elementary age children on Fridays. Many of these children don’t have a lot to eat when the are out of school on weekends!

The entry fee we paid to walk will go toward food for the backpacks.

Sending Cards to Troops

Ladybird Lane offers feature called Crafting for a Cause each month. This month the cause is Operation Cards for Soliders.

This is wonderful project involves creating Christmas cards or writing an encouraging message in store bought card and sending them to: 

                                              Operation Christmas Cards

                                              PO Box 102
                                              Shrewsbury MA 01545 
Cards need to arrive by 28th of November.

JDaniel illustrated pictures  in store bought cards.

I can’t wait to see what you have done. Please link up your post below sharing how you have given to others around Thanksgiving.


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    Great activities! Anna’s school does bedding drive for a shelter, so we will be bringing some extra sheets and pillows after the break. It’s so hard not to be wrapped up in our own little world and reach out to others.

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    I feel so blessed, that i love opportunities to give back. I stumbled across a blog that was linking people up for donations to help families buy Thanksgiving dinner. I had the opportunity to help out a family in WA. It makes me sad to think that some people can not afford Thanksgiving dinner. I pray that their holiday will be a happy one. I just participated in a card making project in our ward. We provided supplies and women made cards to send to the soldiers. These are cards that they will be able to use and send home to their loved ones. What a better place the world would be if everyone gave just a little. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    That quote by Edward Martin is SO good!

    I hadn’t heard of Mission Backpack before, but wow, I’m sure it fills a very vital need. I’ve never thought about how hard the weekends might be for hungry children. Thanks for enlightening me about that!

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    I love what you’re teaching JDaniel. We helped donate a Turkey to a family who needed one today, though there wasn’t much effort to that. I still need to talk to my children about it. I want them to learn to give back even if it’s just something small. :)

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    So happy to visit again. It’s been a long time! Not sure if you’ll remember me but lots of change in our family, we had triplets!! This year I am so thankful for our miracles and everything our family and friends have done for us. Keep up the good work mama, you are doing great things with JDaniel.

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    I love this…Thank you so much for your words. You are exactly right! Every year at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter….lol…pick a holiday…we are out in the community at the Missions and hospitals. We work in the kitchen and sing to long term stay patients in the hospital. I have such a love in my heart for other people. Sometimes I don’t think people that know me understand why or how we can love people so unconditionally…but I know that the Lord has given me this ability and I know I need to use it to help others any way that I can. Keep on doing what you’re doing…spreading the love!! =)

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