Playing Outside: Chalk

Drawing with Chalk Outside on an Easel

This is the time of year when many of our family’s spend time playing outside. Whether it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon in warmer climates or all day long in cooler ones.

Children need to time to play and explore the world outside their homes. The fresh air and sunshine does them good in my opinion. Because I believe that statement I am going to co-host a series this summer called Playing Outside with a number of wonderful bloggers. Today is post on chalk sometimes called sidewalk chalk begins the series there will be link up for posts on playing outside with water in July and one on outdoor games in August.

This months co-hosts are  Reading Confetti, Rainy Day MumThe Iowa Farmer’s Wife, JDaniel4’s MomTrain Up a Child,  Kitchen Counter Chronicles, and the Inspiration Laboratories. 

This series is open to anyone desiring to share an activity that involves children playing outside with chalk. The link you share does not have to be recent. We are hoping to end up with a wonderful collection of activities that be the done with children while playing with sidewalk chalk, because of that recent as well as loved activities from the past are all welcome. If you do link up a post, please add the badge below to your post.


What did we do with  sidewalk chalk?

Drawing with Chalk Under a Tree

Drawing with Chalk Under a Tree

We setup JDaniel’s easel under a tree in the front yard. It was a cool place to draw pictures and stay out of the sun.

Giant Chalk Letters on a Fence

Chalk Letters on a Fence

 Gigantic chalk letters on the fence in our backyard were great fun to draw on and spray with water. The idea was that JDaniel could trace the letters with water. He decided it was just fun to spray them.

When we were done, the letters came off when we rubbed them with a wet rag.

Chalk Number Line in Driveway

Hopping on a Number Line

Hopping on a number line in your driveway is a lot of fun. Driving over the numbers one at a time with your bike and calling out the number you are driving over proved to be even more fun.

Biking Over a Number Line

Sorting Object in Colored Chalk Circles

Color Sorting Chalk Circles

We have treasures on a shelf in the garage and in JDaniel’s water table. After drawing colored circles in the driveway, JDaniel gathered objects that matched the color of the circles we drew.

I can’t wait to see what you have been creating with sidewalk chalk.



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  1. says

    Spending time outside is so important for children, and I’m not sure they get enough of that these days.

    And sidewalk chalk is something my grandkids particularly love!


  2. says

    I am so glad you included how to get the chalk off the fence. I let my 3 year old draw all over our front porch railing the other day and have been wondering how I was going to get it off.

  3. says

    i love this – thank you! I am wanting to get my little boy started playing with chalk and there are some great ideas here (we don’t have pavement)

  4. says

    What great fun and so many ideas…i linked up an oldy but the twins still have so much fun with their outdoor chalkboard!

  5. says

    My boys LOVE playing with sidewalk chalk. They do a lot of what you mention above but my older son has taken to drawing elaborate cityscapes (we live in NYC) and subway tracks. Then takes his cars and subway trains on various adventures. He can do this for hours. He also draws parking lots for his younger brother to park his cars in. It’s really sweet!

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    Visiting from SITS. Bookmarked you so I can participate in some of your link ups. I saw recipes on pinterest the other day to make your own chalk. What a fun blog.

  7. says

    Wonderful set of outdoor chalk fun. I really have to do some more of these. My kids would really like the water squirting. Right. If it is sunny.. we WILL do this!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa


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