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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

    Gilbert in the story Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet  by Kelly Dipucchio is lonely and really wants  pet. He has a number of animals visit the outside of his bowl. Each time a new pet stops by Gilbert gets excited and swims around in circles and the new pet runs around his bowl.

    Each possible pet ends up leaving him, wanting to eat him, or gets squashed (the fly). Gilbert’s little heart then goes pitter- patter- plop.

    Finally having many disappointment, he does get a friend. You will be surprised to find out what it is.

    What did we do with the book?

    Create Goop and a Fish Wash

    Goop in the Water Table

    I found a recipe for goop on the internet and we tried having JDaniel’s ocean bath toys swim in it. It turns out they needed a friend to help clean them up after they played.

    Cleaning Goop of Toys

    We then created an animal wash in the second section of JDaniel’s water table.

    Here is the recipe for Goop:

    1/2 cup cornstarch
    1/4 cup water
    small bowl, tin pie plate, water table, etc..
    A little more water
    Food coloring

    Add the water to the corn starch in a small bowl, tin pie plate, etc. Mix it together using your hands

    Fish Counting

    Counting Fish

    I created a sheet with a number of fish bowls on it. I then wrote a number on the rim of each bowl and JDaniel had to put the correct number of fish in each bowl.

    Talking about Possible Fish Friends

    Comparing Pets

    I created a sheet with giant fish bowl on it and put a big plastic fish in it. JDaniel then selected various plastic animals and told me why they would or would not make a great pet.

    Talking about the pro and cons of each animal encourage JDaniel to think at higher level. He had to analyze and sort through real reason they would or would not be good pets.



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    1. says

      what fun activities you added with the story. I will be linking up next week with what we did this week, just didn’t have time to post it yet! Have a great weekend!

    2. says

      I love this! I am not a teacher of children, but I teach children’s literature in college. I often teach a book called Let’s Get a Pup, Said Kate because I enjoy discussing pets and animals as a topic. Glad to know there are similiar books out there.

    3. says

      My girls had a water table to play with when they were little. It was so much fun to sit outside with them and listen to their creative play. Now, I hear more of “Mom, watch this splash from my cannonball!” Water play is still fun but it tends to be a bit louder poolside than water table side. 😉

    4. says

      What great ideas. I have to find a photo I saw on FB today and thought of you. I was on my phone so couldn’t share. Happy Weekend to you girl!

    5. says

      These are wonderful activities! I especially like the goldfish bowl learning sheets you made for your child to go along with your theme. We haven’t read this book yet—a new one for us!

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