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Moving Golf Game

If you set out a red cup, some plastic gold clubs, and a variety of balls, your child will come up with a fun game to play.

At first they may just try out the different clubs and balls. They may find that it is easier to hit them on the driveway than it is to hit them on the grass. If the grass is tall, it will slow the ball down even more short grass would.

Once they have chosen a golfing surface, they may try different ways to hold the club. Holding the club backwards may be easier than holding it forwards.

In a made up game it is possible to hold the club in a variety of ways. There isn’t a right or wrong way to play a made up game.

While some people may choose to have the cup facing them when then try to get the ball in , others may decide they want to see what the cup with do when it is hit. There will be those that think it is fun to hit the ball around the cup instead of in it. There will be still others that try to hit it past the cup.

Remember there are no rules to the game of moving cup golf. Actually there is one rule and it is for parents and older siblings. The only rule is to sit back and watch the game creator create.

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    I wish I would’ve known about blogs or even searched on the internet more when my girls were smaller. We came up with some great ideas on our own but on those days when we were tapped out…places like your blog would’ve been greatly welcomed!

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    Your blog always inspires me to do something fun with the kids. We just don’t do outside stuff enough! I’m going to have to do something about that! :)

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