Dad’s Birthday Present! Panda Robot is on the List?

On Wednesday morning just after morning prayers I asked JDaniel what he thought we should give dad for his birthday.

JDaniel: Well, you know how dad has that remote control monster truck in the closet that is broken.

Me: Yes, I know about that truck.

JDaniel: I think he needs a robot to have something to play with.

Me: Does Dad need a robot or do you want one?

JDaniel: Well, dad and I play together. He would share it with me.

Me: What kind of robot does Dad need?

JDaniel: He needs a panda robot like we saw at the store when we got Cruz’s birthday present.

Me: Doesn’t he need a new monster truck instead.

JDaniel: No, Dad really likes robots now and he would want that one.

Me: Why does he want the panda robot? Does he even like pandas?

JDaniel: I like pandas and I am a lot like Dad.

Me: So, you liked the panda robot you saw at the store and you want it to play with. Is that it?

JDaniel: No, this is what Dad wants. I know he does.

(Small feet scamper to ask Dad while he is still sleeping in bed.)

JDaniel: Dad, don’t you want a panda robot for your birthday?

Dad: What? Pandas aren’t robots.

JDaniel: For you birthdays don’t you want a robot!

Dad: (One eye opened) Son, right now I just want sleep!

JDaniel: Mom, I will ask him again later.

Me: (Ushering JDaniel out of the room and closing the door.) Yes, maybe later he will decide he wants the robot.

While a panda robot was on JDaniel’s list, pants and a shirt were on Dad’s list.

Happy Birthday Honey!


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    Awwwww Happy Birthday to JDaniel Senior! The line where your son says “I like pandas and I am a lot like Dad.” is mindblowing in the way kids process and think! Hope you all have a fun celebration!

  2. says

    That’s so funny! It reminds me of the Christmas when I gave my brother an Operation game because I wanted it, and he gave me a Spirograph because he wanted it. I guess in the end, we were both happy as we shared both items. :)

    I hope the birthday celebration in your household was fun for EVERYONE! :)

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    I agree, that panda is kind of frightening. My daughter’s toys have been coming alive at random times lately, usually when I am on the phone for work. If this thing randomly turned on, I am positive I would have a coronary.

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    I want a panda robot too! Your son is a good sales person. My husband uses this technique. One year he got me a blueray player for my birthday. I don’t recall ever wanting or asking for one of those. :)

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