Behold The Joy Of Leaves

JDaniel and the boys next door have been waiting and waiting for the leaves from the birch trees in our backyard to fall.

When there was finally enough on the ground, they had a wonderful time playing in them and with them.

I loved getting to take pictures of the boys enjoying the leaves at the end of last week.

My maternal grandmother loved to quote the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer when I was little. She would recite it word by work. When tried to decide how to share pictures of their joyous leaf play.  decided to use part of that poem.

The first stanza and last stanza of this poem are Joyce Kilmer. The rest of the stanza’s are my words.

I think that I shall never see
Boys more happy playing beside a tree.


The leaves it shed
won’t  be left for dead.

They will be raked into a pile
And jumped into preschool style.

The leaves will be thrown into the air
to descend inside clothes and onto hair.

They will be loaded in a boy’s car
and driven, but not very far.

Those leaves will become a brand new heap
They will be jumped into a again by boys who leap.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

This post is linked to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop and Mrs. Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday.

P.S. JDaniel is wearing his yellow Thankfulness Tree leaf that says “Dad”. He said he wanted his dad close to him.




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    What a lovely post! The poem was perfect and all the extra stanzas in between.

    Haven’t been here in a while! It’s great to see you again. Hope all is well with you! :-)

    Visiting today from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop

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    I loved this; it takes so little to make children happy. There are enough leaves in our backyard for the kids to dive in. We just have to get the gumption to rake them from their current all over the place state.

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    The Joyce Kilmer Forest is located in western NC. We visited there once or twice over the years. They have a plaque errected with this famous poem etched for visitors to read. I love the photos. Our kiddos loved doing what your little guy and his playmate were doing. Shoot, I love doing it,too! =D

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    What a great post for autumn! My girls like nothing better than to rake up a big pile of leaves and jump in! They taught our little 3 year old neighbor the joys of leaf jumping this fall.

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    Are you kidding me??? We live in the same town. :) How cool is that??? I not only have to join your blog because I love it, I have to join because we are neighbors. :)

    Great Post! Your little boys are just adorable!!!

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    No way, you’re not a fool…..poems are mostly made by people whose heart is ready to explode in utter happiness…and who better to write poems than a Mom, right?!!!!

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    Too cute! Whether or not they remember these snippets from their childhood, it’s obvious you will hold them close to your own heart. :) What a great poem! Look forward to your prompt response next week!

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    I love the pics and the poem that go with them! Looks like it was a really fun day. We don’t really get to experience the seasons where I live. Mostly evergreens around here. Wish that I could jump around in piles of leaves too!

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    It’s a good thing I was just with my two little grandsons, or I’d find this post too, too poignant. There’s something about little boys and leaves – what a lot of fun they must have had!

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    This is great! I love that you wrote a poem to go with the great pictures of your child at play. Your words and the author’s are both awesome!
    Thanks so much for linking up to the outdoor play link up. Be sure to let your readers know you linked up so they know where to find you. The more ideas that get shared the better!

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