Helping to Build with Couch Cushions

I heard a loud screech an ran downstairs to see what was the matter.
As I came down the stairs I saw a couch cushion creation!
JDaniel was so upset! I couldn’t figure out a first what was the problem and he couldn’t spit out the words.
After getting him to calm down a little, he explained that the cushion in the front kept falling over. When the cushion fell over  the calculator and the spoon would fall to the ground.
This didn’t seem devastating enough to me to lead to a scream but, it was for him. JDaniel was totally frustrated.

“Let’s think this through,” I said sitting on the floor beside him. “Maybe we can have some of the books stick out a little bit behind the cushion and they can support the pillow,” I suggested.

“We can try,” JDaniel commented. When we did try it worked fairly well.

With the crisis averted JDaniel was able to get back to work on his creation. I decided to stay near creation central to offer more help if it was needed.

Once one keyboard was up, we added a second and JDaniel to add a few other items.

JDaniel told me as we worked on this project that he need a chair to sit on in the front and an a work area in the back for his friend to work in later in the day. Due to all the items in the back his friend would need to stand I was informed.

We spent a lot of time building this cushion creation but, JDaniel didn’t try sitting in it until after he had gotten dressed for the day.

Cushion creations we discovered are not stable area to sit in. As soon as JDaniel sat down, the chair he was sitting on started to learn forward. The chair continued to lean forward causing his knees to touch the cushions. When the cushions started to lean forward too, the whole front are including JDaniel started falling.

I was able to catch JDaniel and right the chair. The cushions and everything else spilled onto the floor.

Frustration filled the area once more.  It is so hard when something you build doesn’t work.

I tried to talk to him about the need for a structure to have a firm foundation and recommended removing the front cushion so the chair could rest on the wood floor. I tried pointing out the building on soft area would cause any structure to fall.

JDaniel didn’t want any part of changing the design plan. His idea was to put the chair back on the cushion and just not sit in it again ever.

We left the cushion creation up  and walked through the great divide between the chairs until early afternoon when the heating and air conditioning man came to do the semiannual check up and needed  get to the vent behind the cushion with the hook on it.

It is hard when JDaniel get creative ideas that don’t seem to come together. The best thing I can do is try to help him work them out. Listening to what is has envisioned  and trying help bringing them to reality is the all I can really do.

I really love it when opportunities like this come up that we can work on together. I do wish he wouldn’t be frustrated by the challenges that come with creating.

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    They have some great books at the library on early architecture … showing him how the weight has to balance would probably interest him … or how about pyramids? What little boy wouldn’t love some good stories about those!

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    That is so great that you both worked together on this project! Boys and building…so much fun to watch. I can’t tell you how many times our couch cushions are used for other purpose projects in the house. 😉

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    I love this! Thanks for sharing! My oldest is always coming up with new creations too. And then gets frustrated when it doesn’t work out as planned. I need to learn to be a little more patient when it comes to my sons creations.

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    His frustration level will improve with experience, and you are giving him wonderful opportunities and support…without taking control.

    Great mothering!


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    I finally bought a couch and loveseat that don’t have cushions that come out any more…but the family room has them, (this sight is so common here too) through all the years….but someimte we put chairs in a line and form a train or bus! 😉

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    Cheers to you for letting him take the couch apart and build something of his own! Unfortunately, the frustration at this age is normal but you are doing the right thing by offering advice and support and still letting him try things his way. I know I tell you this all the time but you were made to be a mommy and to me that is a mighty fine compliment!

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    Reminds me of how my kids would use sheets, cushions and what ever else they could find to make tents and camp out in the living room:) I love JDaniels sticktoitness:)

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    You little fellow sounds so much like my oldest grandson, who is four. He will be very frustrated by something, refuse to take gentle help/advice, but walk away and then the next time use the advice and tell me how to make the change as though he’d thought of it from the first.

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    You are great persevering with that! I have so little patience, but it is so lovley to watch them work hard on something they can visualise. I will try to join in more when this type of thing is going on in my house! Thanks too for visiting my blog – I’m sure you have some good #funee posts so I’ll stay in touch :)

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    You brought me back to the time when my children used to take the cushions off the couch to make tunnels, playroom, and other things.

    JDaniel does what come naturally to him!

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    Through frustrations and then rethinking, growth occurs and creativity continues…your JDaniel will be a problem solver no doubt – perhaps a budding Steve Jobs?? And he knows Mom will be there to bounce ideas off the wall:o)

    A precious post!

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    i really enjoyed reading this post and the processes you both went through! Frustration is so hard for them (and us!) isn’t it? Very creative mind he has!Off to follow you now on GFC!

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    You’re a good mama. My oldest is always inventing things too- luckily as he has gotten older he has gotten better and understanding some of the laws of physics, etc so we don’t have too many melt downs anymore :)

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    this is fun. We saved ALL our old coushins from 25 yrs of marriage so the kids could build forts…pillows too! all the kids friends would come over and play for hrs….a great learning experience!~ i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

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    Oh, I love this!! Such a sweet story of early childhood, and I laughted when I read this part, “His idea was to put the chair back on the cushion and just not sit in it again ever.” Reminds me of my daughter.

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    I love couch cushion creativity.

    I have a wonderful story about that. I had gone to visit a woman for the first time for a play date with all the kids. We were hanging out in her family room…a room with THREE couches and before long the kids were taking the cushions off (with her permission) The last cushion of the nine came off and all the kids starting screaming. There was a dead mouse laying there with it’s head chewed off.

    My ‘new’ friend was so embarrassed. All of the kids were grossed out.

    And they all ran off to play elsewhere leaving the two grownups to dispose of the nasty dead mouse.



    This was a neat stop. I love reading about your son’s development.

    He is really a neat kid!

    Thanks for linking up.


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