Pause Life for a Moment- Being Like Dad

My son wants to be like his dad so much! He wants to do what he is doing and “help” with chores he does around the house. Mostly he just want to be around him.

Cold Coffee

Almost morning my husband fixes coffee. JDaniel has decided that he needs to have coffee in the morning too.

There is a problem. He doesn’t like coffee. JDaniel has taken a few sips of my husbands and decided that it is terrible. It is even worse when it is still warm.

My brilliant husband has invented a solution to JDaniel problem of wanting to have coffee like dad and wanting something he thinks tastes great. All you have to do is mix cold water, milk, and a little sugar and you have cold coffee! This yummy beverage doesn’t even need to be served in a coffee cup. It is just wonderful in a sippy cup or small plastic glass.

Sitting With a Book

At various times during the day when my husband is home he can be found sitting in this red leather chair reading the Bible or the newspaper.

If you are a little boy like Jdaniel, you have wanted to do the same thing. 

You grab one of the wooden chairs from your wooden table and chair set and you drag it over to where your dad is sitting. The chair is then placed beside your father’s chair in just the right spot.

Then you have to scurry to the living room and grab a copy of Frog and Toad are Friends or another favorite pieces of literature and bring it back to the reading area. 

Once you have something to read, you can finally sit by your dad and look just like he does. You can silently look at the pictures in the book and pretend to read it and be just like dad.

Doing Laundry

Every Sunday afternoon my husband does laundry. I do most of the laundry during the week but, he does his work pants and shirts on Sunday.

Almost every Sunday he has a small boy standing on a plastic white stepstool by his side in the laundry room.

They do the same steps with my husband giving him directions as to the next step every week.

I can hear these words coming out of the laundry room :

“Wrap the pants around the agitator carefully.”

“Don’t stuff the clothes in or they won’t get clean.”

“If you scrub a little Shout on stains with a toothbrush, you can get rid of the stains. Now scrub carefully but, put a little pressure on the brush.:

Trimming Trees

I trim the bushes in the yard but, apparently boys trim trees.

When my guys head out to trim trees, I am told that I can stay inside by JDaniel.

He really doesn’t trim the trees. He mostly gathers up the branches and twigs and takes them to the curb.
Although there are times he breaks pieces off of low hanging branches or tries to scrap off bark.

How do I know about all these events in my guys lives? I tend to peek around corners or out windows and I listen in to their guy talk.

Pausing to see how my guys interact brings me such joy. Yes, I could consider the time they are off together as my downtime. (There are times that I do just let them go off.) 

There are times when hearing them chat and seeing them together makes my day. I love getting to see and hear these memories in the making.


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    Too sweet. I love listening to my husband and our girl cooking in the kitchen together as she reminds him to sweat the garlic or when he and my boy work on the house. Special times, little moments, that are so worth treasuring. :>

  2. says

    So cute. I am dying to see the pic of father and son reading together.

    My son and husband also share “similar interests”. If my husband is traveling for too long my son starts to get very depressed.

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    Thank you JDaniel4’s Mom for visiting my blog and commenting! I just checked out your blog, too. I am now following via Google Reader and really enjoy your “Pause Life for a Moment” posts. Have a great day!

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    I love watching moments like all of the above to between my husband and our girls. Just last night my husband asked our oldest if she wanted to play Just Dance on the Kinect. They are so cute dancing together and I love when he breaks down the steps for her so that she can pick it up easily.

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    That sounds like Brad and Scott…I love that bond between them. Scott does coffee for Brad in the morning on weekends too…too cute!

    I finally get your blog via email! I will be able to keep up with you now..:)

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