Muffin Tin Monday- Easter Lamb

When I think I Easter, it isn’t the bunny that comes to mind, but the lamb. My mom used to make lamb cakes for Easter when I was growing up and lambs have remained my favorite symbol of Easter. Below you will find my lamb lunch and if you visit Rainbows Within Reach you will find a lamb I made for a guest post there made of egg cartons.  I hope you enjoy both of them.

Yesterday I shared a rooster crowing, “Jesus has risen.” Today the lamb is responding by saying,” He has risen indeed!”

I don’t normally serve Cheerios on bread with olives, but they came to gather to make a really cute lamb.

The ground is covered with celery and pickle grass with jelly beans hidden in it.

Every meal must have cheese in it if JDaniel is helping plan it. The sun is the cheese element in this meal and it has shredded cheese rays along with mandarin orange pieces!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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    How clever is this idea? I’m going to pin it momentarily. Just popped over to thank you again for your willingness to ‘step-up’ and help out with your “oh-so-clever” guest post on my behalf. I know that by having it added to the Tinkerlab challenge there will be ‘new’ eyes and a greater visibility.

    You’re the best! Happy Easter season to you and yours!!

    Debbie Clement

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    Amazing as always! Have you considered compiling your lunch ideas into an e-book? They are so cute and full of imagination! I marvel at them as my artistic brain seems not to spill over into food ideas!


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