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This week I am going to share a wonderful children’s book called Dream Big by Deloris Jordan. This lovely picture book by Michael Jordan’s mom is about how her son dreamed of going to the Olympic to play basketball from an early age.

He loved basketball, but basketball coaches didn’t always pick him for their team. Michael was cut from his high school basketball tryouts. He never gave up on his dream and I think we all know what happened to his dream to play basketball. His mom says, ” I guess you aren’t a dreamer, but a doer.” Michael was so blessed to live out his dream.

JDaniel announced a few weeks ago that he could do almost every big boy thing he could think of except tie his shoes and read. I guess you could call them his big boy dreams.

Learning to Tie Shoes

When I mentioned to friend that JDaniel wanted to learn to tie shoes, she said she learned to tie them by practicing on her dad’s shoes. We took out my husband’s shoes and we have been parallel practicing. One of us has it mastered and the other still needs a lot  of practicing.

I hope he learns in the next few months. I just ordered his school sneakers for the fall with laces on them.

Working on Sight Words
Working with Sight Words

I created little basketballs that contain the first 36 Dolch Preprimer words to help JDaniel work on his dream of reading. We have been working on four words at a time.

Every time he reads me on the the words he can move an orange pom-pom to the basketball hoop on paper.

I don’t want to overdo the word practice. He gets to work on each word only a few times at each sitting.

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Please share your book extension and exploration post below.


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    When he has learned to tie shoes, he can come over and teach it to Mr. G. he never learned it properly and therefore always wears shoes without laces, lol !

  2. says

    I love the basketball sight word practice! I think I will have to do this for my six year old who needs to review some words before school starts!

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    Oooh what an appropriate book! I love it. And yes… we need to slowly start about thinking how to tie your shoe. The majority or our kids shoes are velcro though! Argh!


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    The slam dunk sight word game is brilliant. I agree with you about not overdoing it, and I love that you are making it fun for him. My oldest was so proud to get his first pair of tying shoes. We did velcro until he was four and could learn to tie them. He was oh so proud. :) Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.


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