Particularly Loves Microorganisms

On the first day of school I stopped by and picked up lunch at McDonald’s to have with JDaniel and my husband. Yes, my husband came home for lunch on the first day. He might have otherwise, but he wanted to check out the work of the men power washing our house.

When we got home JDaniel was so upset, he didn’t want McDonald’s for lunch! “I was supposed to get a muffin tin lunch!” he declared. We hadn’t talked about having a muffin tin lunch this year on the first day, but we did have one last year and I guess he thought it had become a tradition. 

“What kind of muffin tin lunch were you expecting ?” I asked him. 

“It should have been a microorganism lunch! You know I love them!” he stated.

Well, I do know that he loves microorganisms. He discovered a book about them in the juvenile non-fiction section of the library and he had to have me read it to him.  I kind of wish I had kept him in the children’s fiction departments instead of bringing him over to section that would introduce him to lice, bed bugs,  and all their relatives.

We have been picture walking through books on this subject all summer. I read mostly the captions that are under the pictures of these interesting creatures. The text about them is very detailed ( JDaniel says that it is boring if there are too many words in a book.) and nightmare causing. (JDaniel thought his bed was covered with them in the middle of one night this summer. He was  probably right, but I didn’t tell him that.)

He talks endlessly about microorganisms with anyone who will listen. Most his friends just shake their heads when he starts spouting the details about these tiny creatures. Adults are so impressed he knows about such a unique topic.

Last week we went to a baseball game with my husband’s division at work. My husband’s boss asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. JDaniel told him he wanted to be a microbiologist.  Later my husband’s boss commented that it sounds like the times have changed since kids wanted to be firemen and policemen.  I think there are still a lot of kids that want to be those things just not my guy.

On JDaniel’s second day of school he came home to a microorganism lunch. This lunch really could have used a microscope instead magnifying glass, but I couldn’t figure out how to make one. Thankfully he was very pleased. 

The most microorganisms are really Halloween shapes cut out with cookie cutters from cheese and honeydew. I think they create wonderful creatures for this meal along with microscopic peas in mac and cheese and granola bits in cinnamon  flavored applesauce. Oh! There is shredded turkey too.

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What were your children’s favorite subject or interests when they were little?


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    How cute that he wanted an MTM lunch instead of McD’s.

    We go through a lot of different phases of interest. For a while it was all space. Lately it’s been roads – the names of roads, whether they are state or private, how they are paved.

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    I love the magnifying glass!! Too cute!!
    Both of my girls love to read about dinosaurs and animals. They still get out their fact books at least 3 times a week and take notes in their journals. It cracks me up since the books are theirs and they always have them for reference. I think they are like me in that writing it down allows my brain to hold onto the information tighter.

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    How cute!! My 5 year old’s current obsession is Lego, Star Wars, and of course, Lego Star Wars! His more unique obsession would be umbilical cords! I’m pregnant, so he’s been asking a lot of questions about how the baby eats and sleeps and such. He was fascinated at the ultrasound last week!

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    Mine were a little more ordinary. They were interested in dinosaurs, astronomy, etc. But the one who’s in medical school was interested in how the human body worked, so who knows? Your little guy could become a microbiologist yet! (My son graduated in molecular and cellular microbiology.)

    At any rate, the lunch is creative as anything!


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    I wish I would of thought of an microorganism lunch when my kids were little. They are now teenagers. My daughter was interested in computer games and barbies and my son loved anything that had to do with BOB the Builder! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    Holy. Smokes. That’s the very first time I’ve ever heard of someone being fascinated with microorganisms! I believe you’ve got quite a smarty on your hands! He sounds like a fascinating child!

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    Fantastic!!! I loved this story about the micro… muffins! Wonderful.

    My son wanted to be a lighting tech for the theatre from the time he was about 9. He now has a degree in light design for theatre.(And has designed some gorgeous sets/lights for plays). But then, he decided to pursue another area and got a degree in biomedical tech eng. From the lights of a stage theatre to the lights/equipment of a operating theatre. A long and convuluted journey. He loves his work.

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    You never disappoint me. I can always count on you to have a fabulously creative post involving JDaniel. In fact, you are mentioned in MY post this week. Microorganisms, indeed! How very captivating!!!

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    Reminds me of when my daughter had to come up with something for a science project. We took Jello and used various edible objects to make mitochondrium, fat cells, nucleus, etc. She got an A!

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    Muffin tin lunches are the best! And, of course, if you do a thing once, it becomes a tradition : )
    My son wanted to be an actor — now he’s part owner in an historic movie theater and a producer of indie films!!

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    Hi, I came over from angelicscalliwags, thanks for commenting! Love your tin-MTM are so much fun, arn’t they? I’m off to peruse your site now!

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    I love that he wants to be a microbiologist! Way to go JDaniel! You did a great job with the microorganism tin. I wouldn’t have even known where to begin.

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    I have followed you for a long time and I’m just amazed how clever you are and what a great education you are giving JDaniel. What a great mom and dad you are and such great memories you are making.
    I think you are tiggeriffic~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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    Laughing so hard here!

    The power of a child’s memories!

    And who wouldn’t want a micro-organism lunch on the first day of school!?!

    Geez, Louise. How could you NOT know that?

    Just kidding.

    I love the way you parent!

    You are a particular favorite blogger of mine…but I think you already knew that!

    Thank you for linking.


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