{Nature for Kids} Observing Spring

Sitting on Bench Observing Spring
Just before the pollen took hold of our region of the United States JDaniel and I explored the nature trail in his Nana’s retirement community. It was such fun to take in all the spring had on display on that pretty trail for us to view and take in. 
One of JDaniel’s favorite parts of the trail is the swings that are scattered up and down it. As he sat of the swing and I pushed him from behind, I thought about how we could use four out of our five senses to observe spring.

Hearing Sounds of Spring

He could sit for hours and listen to the sounds of the spring. There are the calls  that come from birds in the lush trees. There is the rippling of the water feature that was right across from this swing. There was the movement of the tree branches as a slight breeze went by. There was also the squeak that came from the swing as I pushed it. It almost said spring as it moved back and forth.

Smells of Spring

The tree blossoms weren’t in full  bloom ,  but we could smell the initial perfume that they put out. The new green leaves also gave off a fresh scent. There was also a slightly damp smell coming of the swing. Spring is filled with some many different smells.

Walking on a Nature Trail

Seeing Spring

JDaniel couldn’t slow down once he got off  the swing. He was all over the trail looking at all the plants and trees. There were so many different shades of green and brown to observe. There were early spring plants that were festive and dressed up for Easter. Some plants were still dormant and hadn’t realized winter had passed and spring had arrived. Others were just starting to show their spring displays.

Thankfully each plant had a sign in front of it. JDaniel kept asking me what each plant was.

Touching Spring

JDaniel had the best time showing me each of the treasures and describing what it felt like. Some were soft and smooth while others were hard and bumpy.  There were seed pods, pine cones, leaves, small twigs and so much more.

There were some many treasures that plants had deposited on the ground for JDaniel to find.  By the end of the trail I wished that I had brought a paper bag with me to hold all of them. Since I didn’t, I asked JDaniel to find special places to hide them on the trail for others to find.

I hope you will each be able to head and out observe spring. It has so many things for us to see, hear, touch, and smell.

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    Love your ideas for experiencing Spring so many ways. I was thrilled that my grandson asked if we could pick a bouquet of the daffodils he helped me plant last Fall. They were at peak when he visited this weekend.

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    AW! It’s so cute he hid his treasures for someone else to find. My kids would always love to find the plants that were really soft like a dog’s ear. I can’t remember what they were called but that was always the best!!

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    What a great way to spend the day! Most of our outdoor experiences at the moment involve mud. :) I’m pinning this one to my nature study board – thanks for sharing!

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    I feel like only recently I’ve really been aware of noticing every nuance of spring. Even when it relapses into winter and we’re all bummed, spring is strong. Those buds are starting. Those early flowers are blooming. I want my kids to be more sensitive than I have been to the changing of the seasons. Should be no problem since we’re raising them in New England!

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    Yes spring is so beautiful even for the little once. My 2 1/2 year old grandson was here over the weekend, loved rolling in the grass and picked up little daisies which he offered to his mum and me !

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    You and JDaniel have the best of times! If I knew what the heck Spring was I would share too! HaHa! Colorful Colorado seems to be stuck in winter and refuses to share the beauty. Always a pleasure to visit you here and I hope you have a terrific weekend.

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    How delightful it is to explore nature with children!
    And how cool to have a nature trail in a retirement community!
    I led outdoor nature and science classes for many years, mostly as a volunteer at my children’s school.

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