Birthday Books and a Birthday Box

This week we are celebrating not only the blog’s birthday, but my mom’s 70th birthday. JDaniel and I read two books about birthdays and decorated a box to hold the gift cards we are giving my mom for her birthday.
Bella- Birthday Party by Mandy Stanley is about a little bunny named Bella that comes upon a birthday party picnic not far from her home. She is welcomed into the party and given a costume to wear so will be like the other party guests. ( They are all in costumes of one type or another) When the rain threatens to end the party, Bella guides the others to a natural shelter of trees and grass to have cake. My favorite part comes at the end of the party when Bella is given a treat bag that she takes home and shares with her whole family

This is a wonderful book. The illustrations and story are so well done. Bella and all the other party goers treat each other so well. They share and enjoy just having fun.

Who Made This Cake by Chihiro Nakagawa is one of JDaniel’s favorite books. A whole crew of little construction workers arrive at boy’s house to make his birthday cake. The book walks you step by step through the process the crew goes through to make the cake.


We are giving my mom several gift cards for her birthday. JDaniel helped me decorate this lovely gold container with glitter glue from Dollar Tree. I wrote the G for Grandmere on the lid. He made most of the squiggles. JDaniel really seemed to like it.

Disclaimer: I am a blog book reviewer for the publisher of these books Tiger Tales. I was sent Bella: The Birthday Party to review. The opinions expressed in these review are my own.


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    That book, Who Made the Cake, sounds like a lot of fun! I bet my little fella would love it too! He’s been building birthday cakes with his legos since the “big day”

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    I had no idea that there was a book about a crane and birthday cake. My son is going to love that!! We’ll have to check that out. Your box turned out great. What a special keepsake.

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