I Don’t Like Singing in the Middle of the Night

My sister Michelle gave JDaniel a stuffed rabbit that had Jesus Loves Me embossed across his chest that had been given to her sons almost a year ago. We hate this rabbit my sister had informed me. She also mentioned that her sons loved to throw it into the bedroom of one another after pushing his chest to activate box that causes the song Jesus Loves Me to reverberate from the bunny’s chest. Yes, my loving sister passed to us an irritating toy.

JDaniel calls the irritating rabbit Jesus Loves Me Bunny. For most of the last year Jesus Love Me Bunny has lived at the bottom of the toy basket in his room. The bunny just didn’t interest him.

Last week about 3: oo a.m. I heard a small voice singing Jesus Loves Me through JDaniel’s baby monitor. At first I thought it was JDaniel singing as I listened more carefully I realized the voice wasn’t his but that of Jesus Loves Me Bunny.

I lay quietly in my bed listening to the bunny singing the complete first the verse of Jesus Love Me and waiting to hear if it had caused JDaniel to wake up. There was complete silence. I breathed a sigh of relief and drifted back to sleep.

Two hours later I heard the song again through the monitor. JDaniel slept through a second round of the song, but I lay there wide awake trying to figure out where this bunny was in JDaniel’s room and what was set off the song.

After much thought and time awake to think thoughts I came up with what I believed to be the reason. I had to wait until JDaniel woke up at 6:00 a.m. to see if the hypothesis I had formed was correct.

Do you know what was going on?

JDaniel had taken Jesus Loves Me Bunny and added him to the menagerie of animals that sleep in his bed with him. During the night he had rolled over the bunny in just the right spot to activate the song twice.

Guess where Jesus Loves Me Bunny sleeps now!

He sleeps in the bottom of JDaniel’s toy basket. It seemed like the best place for him to be.

I love singing Jesus Loves Me, but I don’t like hearing it in the middle of the night.


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    LOL! Heaven and TJ do the same thing w/ this Barney Doll and Baby Doll that sing and cry. Every night I go in there put Barney back in the toy box, the dolls in the closet and put the bears on her bed (the none signing or crying bears..lol) but they always come back!

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    Yes, I recall when Pierce and the twins learned to turn their crib aquariums on and off. That was the end of the aquariums.
    Bunny sleeps better in the toy box. 😉

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    LOL ohh man thats great.. I think that would have freaked me out in the middle of the night! I think the bottom of the toy basket is the perfect place!

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    aww so adorable. I love it when my daughter sings Jesus loves me. I never heard of such a toy. Sounds great! singing in the middle of the night would equate cd. ha ha I’m not much of a singer. Their grandma loves to sing to them though so I guess it all works out in the end. My daughter talks over to her stuffed animals and we hear her over the monitor he he. Cute but can get annoying.

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    Definitely not in the middle of the night! I’m laughing at your sister giving you a toy that annoys her.

    I’m thinking I need to save up some of the annoying toys that my boys have gotten from their uncle…and then give them back to him when he has kids.

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    haha, we have a bunny like that too! He too is living in the bottom of the toy box I think. The strangest thing though…one morning in the wee hours I woke up with a start b/c a man was talking through the monitor! I listened for a minute and realized it was my neighbor…he was talking on his CB to a friend and it was all coming thru the baby monitor!!

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    That would have freaked me right out! All toys that make noise are downstairs and not allowed in his room after a talking piano decided to start inviting him to play at 2 in the morning. Ugh.

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    What is it with sisters and SIL’s giving us loud musical toys…my SIL does it all the time! grrr…your post made me laugh. Kids are tough sleepers, they sleep through anything. We were just talking about that this morning about the smoke alarm. Brad told me he wants his turned up so he can hear it since he sleeps right through it. It’s gone off once or twice due to batteries and he didn’t hear it. Yikes!

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    lol. I also get very loud toys as gifts from family members. I husband will sometimes trip over a random stray one while going to work (its before the sun rises) and then I have to sit and wait for “the wheels on the bus” or whatever song it is to finally end.

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    Funny. I think that’s happened to most of us. For me it was Blake and his Leo (little einstein) doll. We’d hear, “HI! My name’s Leo!” in the middle of the night. Creepy

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    I know it isn’t really funny, but this story made me laugh!!! When my six year old was a baby, he had one of those Fisher Price fish soothers on the side of his crib. If he woke in the middle of the night, he would push the button and listen to the music to fall back to sleep. Well, one night the batteries were dying and it sounded so scary that he started screaming. My husband and I were looking for six D batteries at 2 AM!!!

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    Oh goodness! You shouldn’t make women, who’ve had five children laugh so hard, our bladders aren’t what they used to be! You’re sister is right, how do you throw away a bunny that says “Jesus Loves You”?

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