Earth Day Activity- Backyard Nature Center Table

Backyard Nature Center Table

JDaniel dragged a plastic table off on the deck and began searching the yard for items that he could display on his backyard nature center table.

He took the job very seriously and placed only things he really wanted to display on it. Flowers from bushes in the yard didn’t make the cut. Wood and dirt along with other ground coverings were necessary.

Once the items had been gathered, they had to be arranged in a specific way. The background of why each item is placed where was not shared with me by the displays curator. I was advised that it should remain just the way it is.

When he finished, he was left with a dilemma. Who would visit his nature center table? The two preschool age boys next door were invited over along with their dad to view it. One visit seemed to be enough for them.

So, today I am inviting to view his backyard nature center display. A display of this kind deserves visitors beyond the ones available in our neighborhood.

Feel free to stop by often and share your thoughts on this wonderful exhibit. The actual display will remain open until early summer when the director of the backyard will probably remove it.

If you choose to open a display like this in your backyard, please let me know I would love to visit it virtually too.

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    I love the nest!! That’s a real find. You should hook it up with These Little Waves and Mama Wants This – they’re having their memories captured linkup, and you could probably get it lots of hits that way!

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    You are a great mom! I mean director:)

    My son is like a cat; always bringing ‘treats’ from the backyard that I could do without seeing.

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    You have to love what boys find. We just got back from a trip to the beach. The boys collected more sticks than we could count and most had to come home with us.

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    LOVE this! Such a fun activity.

    Hey, I just tried to email you and the email won’t go through. Can you send me an email so I can respond back?

    Holly: texholly at

    THANKS soooo much!

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    I think that a Nature Table is a very good idea. We always had one in the classroom when I went to school – fall, winter and spring. I can just imagine how much fun your little guy is having.

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    What a great idea. JDaniel is certainly a good gatherer and sorter. Thanks for letting me (virtually) stop by to see the wonderful backyard nature center.

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    This is a Very creative project…

    I loVe how kids are so curious and excited about things like this…

    Thanks for letting us View it for the letter “V”!


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    It is good to see that even kid’s show their interest in nature. Good for them because they can carry this until gets old to care for nature. As parents we need to guide them because I’m sure that they have a lot of question about this.

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